Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 10 : I'm FULL yet EMPTY...

It was all over today at 'aamchi Mumbai'. Had a slight, very thin, sense of joy... At least its over now!! Was so full of thoughts till today morning!! Was roling around in bed all night long!! Not quite sure why, but I guess it was the thoughts that were left behind by the incidents of last night.

Was watching NDTV 24X7, when Pranoy said, "lets salute all those who have laid their lives fighting for the country and the city they love..." all of us in the room stood in silence for a minute. The LEAST I could do to show my respect. Felt good. :)

Was so full of thoughts till today!! I just let them hang loose wherever they were for once. And instead chose to fill myself with food!! Yeah!! In order of occurance (only since 6 in the evening to 11:30pm) apples, papaya, tamarind toffee (the jaw-breaker!!), pineapple cake, dosa, hot-Fresh'N'Ground-sugarless-cappuccino, khatta-meetha, litchi ice-cream, hot chocolate fudge...(and oh!! a piece of raw cabbage too!!) now that's some kind of a meal!! :D And am still in ONE PIECE!! :P I guess I'll write some sense tomorrow. Just NUMB to what's happened I guess!! Too much pain inflicted on everyone. I'll just chill for a day.

See you when I see you folks!!

P.S. Someone "may" not smile for what's written today. But that's fine. Just try the tamarind candy. remember to chew it with your premolars. Your jaws will experience a sudden paroxysm!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 9 : Calvin and Hobbes - ALL THE WAY, ALL THE TIME...- Its just a way of life...

I was 12 or 13 when I first saw a really big comic book at my cousin's place. It was "The Essential Calvin & Hobbes" by Bill Watterson. I borrowed it from him for a while to read it. I read it pretty fast. But obviously I couldn't get enough. So I used to carry that book along with me to school [The HPS(R)] and re-read it along with my friends and have a blast each time. And one day, my cousin took the book back from me and I felt as if he took away something that was always mine (or meant to be!!) I din't let go. I flicked the book again from him, and then, he "asked" me to return the book, which I did. And then, I flick it again. :P This continued for a few weeks and then he stopped asking me!! I WON!! (As of today...someone flicked that book from me!! What comes around, goes around!! :(:(:( )

I can't remember one place I used to go without that book when I had it!! I used to read it lying on my bed, under it, on the terrace, on the pot(I don't waste time you know!!), in class, on the way back home... Aahhh!! I SAID, I LIVE IT!! There are still times when my brother thinks I'm mentally unstable whenever I read/recollect a strip and laugh to myself. I write Cal's quotes on walls, on my whiteboard, in my class, everywhere!! All my friends fell in love with it. I just started living with it!! Till today there are days when I don't remember a thing from the day's newspaper except that day's C&H!! I used to cut out the strips and collect them in a spectacle case everyday. (I still have the collection!!) I've followed it so much, I can tell what's going to come the next day (there's a series you know). As I recollect, all the friends I've had from school, the closest, are all great followers of C&H. Everytime we meet, we talk something and say, remember that strip in which Calvin goes to class for 'Show-Tell' and... we should do that sometime... And of late, I realize, that I AM DOING ALL THAT!! Seriously, how many of you went to your Princi's office during your Under-Graduation days?? I did!!(the mischevious, triangular Calvin smile on my face) I was pulling off a C&H trick with a friend and they thought I was ragging!! (I don't believe in ragging!! I hate ragging. And people who rag... grrrr...)

Coming back to C&H, its undoubtedly, THE BEST THING that could have happened to me in my whole life (and the life to come). I know this because I've formed a philosophy that's based on my initial days of C&H (and The Fountainhead) and anything that happens now, will just be an addition to it. The irony of all those guys who follow C&H is that everyone loves being Calvin but would hate to have a six-year-old like Calvin (includes Bill Watterson)!! Ask me when I have a 6-year-old!! :P

"AND YET... SOMEHOW... LIFE GOES ON..." That's one of my all time favorites... :)

P.S. The first two posts of my blog are C&H too!! :):) (go check to cross check!!)
I was overwhelmed when I read a good strip on Chai aur Gupshup. Hence, this joyous cry!! :):):)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Fucking hell!! I woke up to the news of the terror attacks in Mumbai at 0345 hrs!! So sad. I'm quivering here!! This is what I feared the most!!

The ATS Chief was shot dead, 11 policemen dead

Hemant Karkare (ATS Chief), Vijay Salaskar, Ashok Kamte, 3 top cops dead

At least 78 confirmed dead, over 200 injured

Grenades were thrown at, randomly on roads

People taken hostage at The Oberoi

The majestic Taj hotel had 6 blasts and is still on fire

I just saw a LIVE telecast of someone who was shot dead by terrorists who have taken over a police jeep, his guts spewed on the road!! Shit man!! Who even defines TERROR this way?? This is beyond terror... I don't know what its called!!

As I write this I'm watching updates of the incident. I have NO REASON not to be shit feared right now!! THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE. FACE IT!! :(

P.S. watching now

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 7 : The IMPACT lingers on...

Redirected to : The ELITE... The IMPACT

Its one of those days when I choose the 'present me' to lay low over the 'past me'!! This because what he's done (the past ME) cannot be gotten over so easily!! In fact this may go on for a little while longer if the need be... (this, I do out of CHOICE and not COMPULSION!! The Blogathon is still going great!! :) )

P.S. Thanks to Lukkydivz for echoing her voice with mine in this regard!! Honestly, what you've done really has my appreciation for you!! *pat pat* :)

See you when I see you, folks!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 6 : The Elite...The Impact...

Ever wondered how many people around you bother to think about thinking of issues that are of concern?? How many of them bother to read stuff and more importantly care (sometimes dare!!) to write about a thought?? And what's it that sets each one of us apart from the rest??

Well, people have different ways to go about their thinking process (if they choose to do so). I chose this place as my abode to just put up my thoughts and refine my logic constantly in this process. And I'm having total fun doing it and know I'll continue to do so!! I already have a fine logic though!! So, I'm saying, this is definitely one place (the Blog space) where, at least once in a while, people give a thought about issues that haunt them, which clearly shows, they wish to see a change in the things that happen around them. So, here's what I say... We can start by being the change. It may sound foolish or pointless in the beginning but it'll work out to be a great difference as time goes by... Surely the Loyal Abe did not think so, else he wouldn't have been what he was(and still is)!!

In today's world, its really hard to tackle together people to bring about a Revolution. So that is completely out of question. Instead, all of us can begin individually, and who knows, how big a Fusion Reaction it would turn out to be!!

I'll be a little more specific here. Of late, people have started talking about renewal/revival of lots of things, the top most being the Political System. Surely, there's nothing we can do (or most of us and definitely me) at this given point in time for that to happen directly. If you CAN, then that's great!! What we CAN do is, just stop discussing the filth of the politics and if we really intend to discuss it, just talk about the good that's going on. And hey, it definitely wouldn't have anything to do with Ruling or Non-Ruling or whatever.

If that's one thing, another that really gets onto my nerves is, the way most people litter (okay!! all those who moved back and said, "Definitely not me!!" if that be true then good for you... now get over it and read on...:P). Why can't we realize that EACH ONE WILL make a difference in the larger scheme of things?? DO NOT LITTER!! In fact stick up a note at all your Cafeterias, Canteens or wherever it is you gather to eat. And if you're the kind that takes leaks along roads (men only, hopefully :P), or see someone who does that, kick them swift in their nuts!! If that sounded cheap, so does what they do!! I mean, you distribute it along green pastures on highways or some place like that, that's fine. That's fertilizer in fact!! But places inside the city... chiiiii!!

The list can go on... spitting on roads, jumping signals (its completely OKAY when the roads are empty and when done with caution), wasting electricity, fuel... just don't do it.

Most importantly, DO NOT PREACH. Let people see you and LEARN. That way, it'll be a greater IMPACT. I know, its people with a certain amount of valid logic that read it till here and hope they will do whatever it is they can to GENERATE THE IMPACT!!


P.S. If you haven't read the whole post, here's the gist... BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN OTHERS, AND YOU WILL SEE THE CHANGE IS NOT FAR BEHIND...

P.P.S. I generally wouldn't say, but this ONE, for the IMPACT I talk about, I would appreciate if you spread a word about this (the IDEA, I mean). See you when I see you folks... :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes. Now don't start, "We all do!!" No. There is a majority of our population who still wants to live in 'HINDUstan'. Well, that's how my country is called in Hindi. If that is all there is to it, then I'd love to call it that too. After all, I too love and believe in 'Saare Jahan Se Achcha'. But, clearly that's not the case we have right now. Every time something fishy comes out with reference to a leader of a certain religion (let's say the majority) the top leaders of this country shamelessly come out in their defense just for the reason that they 'do' belong to that religion. Or may be because they are the "OPPOSITION"!! I mean how would anyone want to be called an "OPPOSITION" in their own country, in their own political system!! Whom or what are they opposing?? Its for the growth of the very same nation that they work for, right?? Or is that what they just claim?? Its like telling Daddy, "Welcome Dad!! Feel at home!! Turn on the AC, watch some TV, have a drink, eat good and sleep well!! :)" when he comes back home from work to "his" own house!! Damn!! Opposition?? Seriously(!!), justify it, can you??

The ATS provides evidence saying someone is involved in a terrorist activity... but NO. Someone still finds the necessity to bail them out of the crisis they've gotten into. Ha!! Did we do that to all the people against whom evidence was provided and branded them as radical/anti-socials or whatever.

60 years of Independence, incredible growth, booming economy... and one Godhra train tragedy, Gujarat/Orissa riots, series of blasts in almost all major cities, communal riots all over, reservations for the unworthy in the name of the worthy, fights for separate states... this is what we come down to!! Damn!! It reminds me of a sequence from Rang de Basanti... "is desh mein logon ko ladne ke liye sirf ek bahaana chaahiye" Maa ki!!

I'd like to be the top guy in our political system just to throw abuses at people and let them know that any of it would not make the least bit of a difference to their lives. That we need to take things more light-hearted. That we need to work hard, day-in and day-out to get ourselves to the top. Obesity is a way of life here!! Come on, there are people who are as intelligent as us and working twice hard as we do!! Are we still left with a chance??

P.S. So what do we do about all this?? I'll come up with another one... Until then, see you when I see you... :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 4 : A night with...

Ever wondered what to do on late night hang outs?? Well, most of the times, things just happen at that time of the day. But, still, if you'd want to plan something for a night (works for both sober and soaked folks, never tried the latter though) a game of UNO is just the right thing!! And for me more so because, I did not develop the kind of enthusiasm, tact or call it what to handle the regular playing cards!! NO, its not a crime if you don't know how to play the famous 'theen patte' or whatever!! In fact that is thorough crap!! Yeah!! This is PURE FUN!! Be it family, friends, young, old, adolescents or whoever, it works just great!!

I was taught how to play this game by a 9 year-old, Khushi, who, given her age is pretty weak in analyzing arithmetic logic, yet, and things just got better from there!! Every time you play with new people, you get to make new rules as you play along (WOW!!), just flick a few cards here and there, hide a few within your clothing (preferably clean places :P) and zap, yell out "UNO" and finish your game!! WINNER WINNER... And then turn me upside-down and dust me, I'll BET at least two cards will fall out!! Of course I don't know how they got in there!! *innocent face*

BUT, there's always a butttt, of late I'm beginning to realize that all these cheats work well in groups of 4 or 5. More than that, my cheats never worked!! :( In fact, I lost all games that I cheated!!(Oh yeah!! Now don't ask me what's the moral of the story is, already!! LOSERS!! :P)

But still, that doesn't change me a little bit. I'm a fighter to the core!! I'll try, and I'll try till I win one game the other way (not so popularly preached but still, that's MY WAY!! :P)

P.S. For those of you who've heard of the game and never played it, try it right away!! And those of you who never heard it, why bother yourself even now!! :P

P.P.S. People, don't ask me how I do this with my exams going on!! That's just me!! Take the most talented guy you know, mix a lots of slumber in him, add an equal amount of 'wasted talent' and then a little bit of foolishness. Mix well in the batter of 'creative wild thoughts' and TADAA. The thick slimy discharge you get... THAT'S ME!!! :):):) ANYONE, beat THIS definition of "jobless" now!! Haha!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 3 : MDCDB

That is what is keeping me alive...
That is what is fueling my flames of desire...
That is what is powering my wings to fly...

Any guesses what MDCDB stands for?? Okay, look at it this way - M&D C&D B... now??

Fine!! Try this, M&D C&D Bank... now??

Bah!! You're so unbelievable!! Fine, its 'Mom&Dad Credit&Development BANK' :):):)

Yeah!! At least for me, that's all of what I said above!! The only bank on earth where there's no interest on the amount they lend, no mortgaged stuff with them, a few questions but completely worth the pain!! Recession doesn't have any impact on this bank, neither does inflation. WOW!!

Son/Daughter : Mom, can I get a hike in my allowance??

Mom : Oh sure, you can have my job too!! :)

S/D : grrr... Okay, how about a few extra bucks for this week??

Mom : Didn't you just take a few last week??

S/D : Yeah!! But then I had to pay for this course you know (the new restaurant at Clock Tower.. hehe *chuckles*)...

Mom : uhha... go ahead.. I'm listening...

S/D : What?? That's it!! (In a higher tone!!) SO AM I GETTING THE MONEY OR NOT??!! (like I have a friggin' choice and hoping she doesn't say NO!!)

Mom : Okkkaayyyyy... But what about the stuff you promised me you'd do??

S/D : What stuff??

Mom : Cleaning your room, helping me out in the kitchen...

S/D : (his/her train of thoughts is still boarding at the station... is she tricking me into this crap again!!)

Mom : Hullo!! I'm waiting for an answer!!

S/D : Uh?? (shaking the head wildly..) Oh Yeah.. whatever you say!! Sure!!

Mom : Fine!! Here's the money... and come back home early

S/D : Sure!! (Not even a THANKS in most cases!!) I'll be back EARLY mom (EARLY IN THE MORNING!! :P)

And similar such encounters with Dad when it comes to taking the car out for a spin... But, the important thing to note is that, Dad's get into this "my kid is growing fast... :):):)" feeling very soon. So, as we near our twenties, there's no need to even ask for the car!! Just tell him and hit the road Jack.

Wow folks!! Though I'm an atheist, I'd pray that you guys always have a great professional career. I'm always by your side (to help you with your economics!! :P)

P.S. But it is important to make credits into MDCDB at around 22/23 (in India at least!!) to avoid any possibilities of a possible recession or conditional transactions (which we definitely do not want!!) with the Bank

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 2 : And I am still sleeping!!!!

HC said...

One of my school friends talks to me after a long time...

PSM : Arey!! Tu kitna badal gayaa re!! Hamesha first bench pe baith-ke sotaa tha!!

PK : isme badalne waali baat kya hai?? Aaj kal college mein last bench pe baith-ke sotaa hoon!!

I mean that is the memory of me he had as a friend back in school!! But school was fun!! I used to go to school after exhaustive swimming workouts and be very tired from the first hour itself!! So, what do I do?? Doze off... zzz... zzz

My teachers always understood this and never disturbed me while sleeping. I really appreciate them for that!!

I go to college, I cut down my swimming workouts but still have the hang overs, it kinda became a lifestyle for me. I 'HAVE TO' sleep in the afternoons!! So, I sit on the last bench and doze off... zzz... zzz

But here, things changed a little. A lots, in fact. People don't understand why I sleep and keep disturbing me. So, I can't sleep well while in class. If caught by a lecturer, just like the protocol says, "I'm down with a severe headache/fever". I can always bring that feeling of sickness onto my face. :)

And then there's HC, who's a unique episode all together!! I come with him on the bike... Coming is fine. The trouble starts when we're going back... As I said, I don't get to sleep well at college. So, all of it kicks in on the way back. So?? What's wrong with that?? Well, that in itself, nothing. But I'm the one driving and remember its a two-wheeler. So HC is hitting me (hard) on my back at equal intervals of time and asking me, "Dude, are you sleeping??" and I'm like, "Naah (how did he know!!!)" And luckily, we're both in one piece(each!!) and fine till now!! See, all this because they fail to see the 'cause' of the 'effect'. Whose fault is it?? I need to catch some Z's to be active for the time I'm awake!! Its HUMAN!!

Even till today, all I do in the afternoons is sleep. Friends partying in the afternoon, PK - sleeping. Family chatting in the afternoon, PK - sleeping, examinations in the afternoon, PK - sleeping, and it goes on...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 1 : I am NOT a hypcorite!!!

HC said...

Why would I even think of calling myself one, say, even if I am one!!

I don't even like the idea!! Yes, we do a lots of things that are not exactly in tandem with what we say but, that's what we call 'living in the real world'. I call it that.

Seriously, what difference would my 'jumping' a signal on an 'empty road' affect the world!! No, honestly, guess it would only affect the horse waiting on the zebra crossing for the pedestrian signal!! And damn that horse, it doesn't even know red is 'stop' and green is 'go', so, it doesn't even affect that now!!

And yes, my littering on the road 'would' make a difference to the whole world. The butterfly affect. So, I don't litter. No, not even a bus ticket or a mint wrapper.

One thing, which may sound a little contradictory is bribing cops. But, hey, as I said, I 'really don't feel' the need to carry a 'No-Objection Certificate' to drive a vehicle I bought in this country (all taxes paid!!) just because I cross the border to another state. And they Raj is the only one playing divide politics!!

Conclusion : (yelling out loud from the corner of a cliff) "NO, I'M NOT A HYPOCRITE" (echoes)

Blogathon : I'm taking Chopra's call...

He said : "I'll do one each day, for 60 days..."

I said : "Yeah right!! Let's see... How about you not making it, being your first post!! And even if you do, I'll come and break your limbs on the 59th day!! HAHA!!"

And I ended up thinking...
Not a bad idea though!! I can try too, I mean a discussion, your view, my view... agree - disagree... good idea dude!! We can actually fulfill our dream of going 'maa-behen' with each other!! debates... Yeah, lets do it... As you say, 'damn cool' Chopra!!

So, here I go... on Hit's Blogathon...

P.S. I don't really like the idea of 'moving-on' from a really awesome idea that occurs to me without fully enjoying its flavor, I mean post after post after post. But heck, what's life without a little uncertainty and "that's the way the cookie crumbles!! :P"

And oh, I'd say just 'bookmark' the two pages and 'have fun at someone else's expense' (and we both at each others) Yes, this is the kind Dennis Leary calls, you know what...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm home... HONEY!!!

I remembered a conversation between a few classmates of mine back in my school days. Was something about golf balls and honey!! So, I asked Guruji about it and look what I found!!

1) There's a patent on this thing that describes the method that involves filling up the core of a golf ball with honey!! United States Patent 4805914

2)Honey is incredibly flexible. You can find honey in everything from car radiators to golf balls. It isn't just a great way to top a biscuit or to make a sauce. You can use it at home in first aid and there are hundreds of ways to make it a part of your daily hygiene or beauty regimen. (

3)Up until the introduction of a special solid core model in the late 1960s, golf balls usually had a rubber center filled with a liquid. Many of those golf balls contained honey. Honey can keep indefinitely and had all the physical traits necessary to make a great liquid-filled golf ball. Today, most balls have a solid core and the mass-produced liquid-center balls use synthetic materials. However, one can occasionally find an older ball that still has honey in the middle.

And the endless uses of honey go on... Not to forget, the sweet cooing between the lovely couples... "I'm home honey", "What's for dinner honey??", "Honey can we go to my mom's this weekend??" and so the cooing goes on and on... Guess the married folks can add in the tinge of reality about the sweetness of honey in their lives... Listen to 'Honey Honey' by ABBA.... whooo the sounds in the song... so hhhoney!!!

And until later, see you when I see you...

Or, is it, goodbye honey!! :P

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shaked and speared

'What win I, if I gain the thing I seek?
A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy-
Who buys a minute's mirth to wail a week?
Or sells eternity to get a toy?
For one sweet grape who will the vine destroy?
Or what fond beggar, but to touch the crown,
Would with the sceptre straight be strucken down'

I just loved these lines the most from 'The Rape of Lucrece'

P.S. Of course, I haven't read the whole poem!! yet

Thursday, November 13, 2008

haan. to main yeh keh raha tha...

There are two kinds of people in this world my dear friend.
One, those who go for the kill, knowing they can kill.
The other, who go for the kill knowing they can come out 'alive'!!

Oh I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey, I, I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey I, oh, I'm still alive

Thought it would be the toughest exam of the semester but, somehow, I pulled it off!! I did most of my reading some 90 minutes before the exam and that's what worked!! haha.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

LIFE has never been better...

Three years and one semester down the engineering 'way of life' and I'm glad I am where I am. I've got an exam Monday morning but, still I do not feel it yet!!! Got very used to this culture of examinations and anticipations.

Because I know it now. Doesn't matter what you really write but, write you should. Fill up the pages with the most otiose lines you could come up with and make sure there are a lots of them and you'll be satisfied with what you get in return. I guess most of the girls always knew this and for some reason didn't find it that important to be shared with men (definitely not generalizing here). I couldn't believe until I actually saw a few(most!!) of them go on and on and on during many of the exams I've written, while I find myself just enjoying the beauty of the nature around!! The modern baroqueness they exhibit in their scripts... nothing short of a modern spectacle!! Guess its born-talent for a few!! Sadly my style of writing has always been nothing but laconic.

But today, I am a changed man. I know the tricks of the game too... :) I'm happy that I'm not the only one this time (not that I wouldn't be happy otherwise!! I'm the kind who thinks, 'if not for me, then, not for anyone else either'). In better words, just like my aunt tells me : हम तो डूबे है सनम, तुम्हे भी लेकर डूबेंगे

Some 14 of us were out today to celebrate Arun's birthday and all of us just chilling out (so much that we had the AC turned off!!). At least I know they haven't been studying for the time we were together and no one really looked like they gave a damn about the exam. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!:):):) WOW, FEELS SOOOO GOOD!! And I don't intend to change my plans anytime soon either!! So, I'm back to doing what I do best... JUST CHILL

P.S. Wishing you a Happy Birthday dada!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

And here comes the most awaited hour...

GOD : :):):) (God's always smiling, you know, a lot) PK, I've heard you say quite often, "I'm too busy for that". So I thought I'll come down and give you an extra hour for a day.:):):)

PK :(raising his left eyebrow)uhha!! :|

GOD : (hyperventilating) So, PK, aren't you all excited about what you've got??!! :):):)

PK : (still lying in his bed) Can you please pass me that bottle of water...?? :| (right next to his feet)

GOD : (in a slightly higher tone)WHAT??!! :-/

PK : (in a slightly higher tone than that of GOD's) What??!! The bottle... can you?? (:|

GOD just passes the bottle to PK. GOD realizes that PK is trying to open the bottle with the same difficulty as one of his guards when he's opening the gigantic doors of heaven, at the Gateway to Heaven that's at the end of the Stairway to Heaven. :P

GOD : Let me help you with that... (takes the bottle from PK and opens its cap)

Returning the bottle to PK...

GOD : Hyperventilating and :):):) So, PK, what do you plan to do with the extra hour?? Should be something definitely BIG, uh?? Can I be of any help to you that ONE hour??

PK : No thanks. But just wake me up after its over... zzz

GOD is completely baffled and even more annoyed...but still, keeps his cool (after all HE IS GOD!!!)

GOD : Okay then. I'll take a leave for now. Is there anything that I could do?? that would please you...

PK : zzz... mphth... ya, just turn down the AC and... tmpth... close the door on your way out... zzz

GOD : (Gods don't come through open doors you fool!!!) Adios my child (forever jerk!!!) :-L

PK : zzz :-j

And so, PK never got his extra hour and never had GOD interfere in his life ever after... He lived a happy life ever after...

Next morning PK wakes up and comes back to his senses and realizes all what happened the last night...

PK : And that's the way the cookie crumbles!!! ;):)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Q.What do you call a few thousand people standing together at Grant Park and shouting, "YES WE CAN"??


BBC News : The first BLACK MAN who raced his way to the WHITE HOUSE... BARACK OBAMA

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shakespeare In Love (1998)

I felt two things after watching the movie... 1. Love and 2. something for Gwyneth Paltrow (guess its more of something for Juliet, after all what man would not fall in LOVE with Juliet)

"But to be frank, and give it thee again.
And yet I wish but for the thing I have:
My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite."
- William Shakespeare (as Romeo)

JULIET : Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.
ROMEO : Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.
JULIET : Then have my lips the sin that they have took.
ROMEO : Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again.

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day ? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May"

I just can't resist adding in more dialogues from the play but, I guess I'll give it a break here!!

P.S. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel love after watching this and even more after reading parts of it...

Monday, November 3, 2008


Here's another addictive drink for all those fruit lovers.

Fanta Apple - This soda tastes real good and was very surprised when it tasted a lot better than I expected it to be!!! You can get 500ml for 22 bucks and 200ml for 8. And if you are the kind who prefers their fruit drink without fruit, then here's what could most likely be your choice, FANTA APPLE Flavour- CONTAINS NO FRUIT.

But for all the people who already are addicted to the company of our good old friend Mr. Appy, well guys, he is the best. A little more expensive, but he has the fruit I need (the fact that he's called a fruit drink). Also, I have a choice of picking either CLASSIC or FIZZ with Appy. So, if you're just looking for a change or maybe a really smooth carbonated drink (or even one that's a little cheaper), do try the new-comer.

Color : Brownish-orange (petrol, looks a lot lighter than Appy)

Rating : 8/10

P.S. Released only in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, all the others have got to wait for a little longer to try it out!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"To have more, we must first become more"

I was once told this quote by my uncle a couple of years back. And today morning when I saw a plant I planted (tamarind) a few months back that really wasn't growing for a little while now, this quote was the first thing to pop-up in my head. All it does is open its leaves during day and tuck them in once daylight's gone. Its been living in a small flowerpot until now and is just stuck there, ceasing to grow, despite its ability (and probably want!!!) to grow.

Will look to transplant it into loose soil sometime soon.

To Vishy...(Shraddhajali)

మండేటి ఎండలో వేడి నీళ్ళు పోసుకొని రగ్గు కప్పుకుని తిరిగే వాడి

మొహం లా మొహము వాడు, పోతావు రా ఒరేయ్, నాశనమైపోతావు

(manduti endalo veydi neelu poosukoni raggu kappuku-tirigee vaadilaa moham la mohamu vaadu, pootavu raa orey, naasanam-aipootaavu)

Learnt he's not coming next sem... :(
So, no more Vishy in our lives, no action, no hyperactivity, no nothing... Chi!!! This is my tribute to the bitch!!

With hardcore hatred

P.S. Realized not many understand what's written, here's what it means...
"Vishy's someone who'd bathe with HOT WATER on a hot summer afternoon and wrap himself up in a rug!!! Die, you will, one day, some day..."

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Nothing like cooking your own food and even better just loving the way it tastes. Feels great infact!!! Latest on the block, Laccha Paratha. Should say, came out pretty tasty for the first attempt!! Good going PK!!! :P

PK Quote : Its only two things that men are passionate about in life, one's a good wife (*conditions apply) and the other's good food!!!