Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 4 : A night with...

Ever wondered what to do on late night hang outs?? Well, most of the times, things just happen at that time of the day. But, still, if you'd want to plan something for a night (works for both sober and soaked folks, never tried the latter though) a game of UNO is just the right thing!! And for me more so because, I did not develop the kind of enthusiasm, tact or call it what to handle the regular playing cards!! NO, its not a crime if you don't know how to play the famous 'theen patte' or whatever!! In fact that is thorough crap!! Yeah!! This is PURE FUN!! Be it family, friends, young, old, adolescents or whoever, it works just great!!

I was taught how to play this game by a 9 year-old, Khushi, who, given her age is pretty weak in analyzing arithmetic logic, yet, and things just got better from there!! Every time you play with new people, you get to make new rules as you play along (WOW!!), just flick a few cards here and there, hide a few within your clothing (preferably clean places :P) and zap, yell out "UNO" and finish your game!! WINNER WINNER... And then turn me upside-down and dust me, I'll BET at least two cards will fall out!! Of course I don't know how they got in there!! *innocent face*

BUT, there's always a butttt, of late I'm beginning to realize that all these cheats work well in groups of 4 or 5. More than that, my cheats never worked!! :( In fact, I lost all games that I cheated!!(Oh yeah!! Now don't ask me what's the moral of the story is, already!! LOSERS!! :P)

But still, that doesn't change me a little bit. I'm a fighter to the core!! I'll try, and I'll try till I win one game the other way (not so popularly preached but still, that's MY WAY!! :P)

P.S. For those of you who've heard of the game and never played it, try it right away!! And those of you who never heard it, why bother yourself even now!! :P

P.P.S. People, don't ask me how I do this with my exams going on!! That's just me!! Take the most talented guy you know, mix a lots of slumber in him, add an equal amount of 'wasted talent' and then a little bit of foolishness. Mix well in the batter of 'creative wild thoughts' and TADAA. The thick slimy discharge you get... THAT'S ME!!! :):):) ANYONE, beat THIS definition of "jobless" now!! Haha!!


lukkydivz said...

if you define jobless that way.. even i am one :P

pk's getting cuter with every posts, love the fun element you're adding ;)

and yes uno is a lot of fun!! have played it at home,inside classrooms,in trains buses and even washrooms ;)

ps-word verifications are annoying!! if i find this even in the next post... i'll have to add word verifications to my blog as well :P

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Divz : washrooms?? I'm still a novice then!! :P Word verifications??!! :-/ Hmmm... well I had my S/W Engg. book open in front of me and I wrote my post.. No clue how much sense it made!! I know I have a little bit of OCD, so I can't sleep now until I fix em'!! Bless me!!

lukkydivz said...

u have the word verifications option enabled in your blog settings :(
will be grateful if u can remove it :P

hope i was helpful :P

lukkydivz said...

and yes study now!! y don't u get d/c from internet until ur done with exams? :|

wat use fretting over that less than 60% later on? :P

Pranav Kumar V said...

OH!!! ante naa!! I thought 'my stuff' could have gone wrong!! I knew it was impossible!! :P

And hey, I always study this way and manage to get a decent above 60!! (in fact reading an e-book) But now that I'm relieved I'll get back to the shitty S/W Engg. :( (or just because you asked me to do so!! :P)

P.S. One more exam to go and I'll be as free as The Eagle-an Man!! Muhahaha

dolphin said...

well, this goes on until the next sem :))

Jadis said...

fucking hell!!! UNO's friggin amazing!!! We're always playing it while lazing around in college, as much as we play 29.
and psst. I also remember being on dope and cheating most skillfully once. :cheeky grin:

oh and i have my SEMESTER EXAMS next week onwards. :| lookathowjoblessistillam.

your word verification is beginning to warn me... it says 'exem'.

Pranav Kumar V said...

@dolphin : indeed mon!! Whoever says its all hard work in the last year!! Yeah Righttt!! Its a friggin joke. That's what it is!!

@Jadis : Wow!! Dope and cheats... they are meant to go with each other like hot cheese and butter!!

Okay guys, the prick's turned off!! :)

Phoenix said...


never been too good with uno n prolly never forte would include bray and 29... :P

hey i jsut have to link you... do you mind??