Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yes!! It is!! Why?? Why should all this happen?? Why should I be in a position where I cannot do a damn thing about any of it?? Why am I a citizen of this country when I can't help it fight its evil?? WHY??


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The SNAKE CHARMER... (well, almost!! ;))

I was off on a trip to my friend's sisters wedding... and the wedding in itself, was just a small part of the day... what happened around it... see for yourself!!

Have a closer look, look at the transparent layer on its eye socket...

And can someone explain to me, what does this guy exactly do??!! I mean co-operate in what?? to whom?? is it gender specific?? if yes, then what about the other gender??

And finally, how's this for some food place to go to??

HIGH CLASS CANFECTIONER'S (with an aprostrophe and s!!)

And a BEKARY...

All in all, it was a very good trip and a great wedding!!

See you when I see you... :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another guy... another GOD theory...

I read THE PINK ORCHID's post of being traditional and started commenting... I soon realized, I had a lot to share. So, here I go...

I said this on previous occasions but I'll just state it once again for the record... PK doesn't believe in GOD but believes in the ways of religion. But me not acknowledging GOD doesn't make his/her existence questionable if they REALLY exist. At least I know, I know. Now if you're saying to yourself, why'd I care (IF), read on... its always fun to read these things...

I am an atheist. But, having said that, let me also tell you, I love and respect religion. YES. Not GOD, RELIGION. Because nothing bad ever was preached by any religion. Religions are just a way of life... a disciplined way of life... follow it long enough and they call it a TRADITION!!

I do not have the influence of God on my life but I feel, all the religious traditions I've been put through, have built a great part of me!! For one thing, it surely taught me to be patient!! sitting through long sessions and stuff. Also, while people chant, I believe it would have some effect on them, not because of God, but because it involves taking control of one's own many senses.....

I accept the fact that I am what I am because of the effects religion has had on me (though I don't acknowledge the GOD factor involved in it). Any religion, if followed the right way, is good. Its just a huge collection of a set of DOs and DONTs which have been studied for centuries and put together as one solid thesis... RELIGION. Good. But, the confusing or rather amusing part here is, were the makers of these religions lacking so much confidence in themselves that they had to acknowledge all these as teachings of some being who is above the entire Human race?? And even worse, losers came along with passing time and added a whole new list of DOs and DONTs which had nothing to do with the initial teachings!!

A guy sitting in a laboratory achieves a feat no man has EVER achieved in life before, something that would CHANGE the world forever... and the bunch of losers come along saying, let's all thank God for this!! Guys!! The guy who discovered that thing is your GOD, He is The Man, standing right in front of you!!

A student studies HARD or whatever it is he does to score well and all the good results are dedicated to HIM and the bad ones to him!! No!! HE did not even remotely help the guy when he was staggered at the junction, not knowing whether to choose "Berkley or Lamport's Algorithm" or "the different types of threads", neither of which he knew the answers to, to clear the line!! But the guy somehow managed the show himself and in the end did a fair job.

Jokes apart, the whole GOD-factor in this world, is causing more destruction than ever before!! Now, it MAY not be fair enough to blame The Gods themselves for all that, but the fact that its in their name and there's not a GOD-DAMN thing they can do about it, remains a fact.

So, the Gods either need to make a PUBLIC-APPEARANCE and set all the records straight (which I really doubt, because the people doing stuff in their name need more action and definitely wouldn't spare GOD-himself for coming out in the open and making a statement) or PEOPLE need to stop worrying themselves about the GOD-factor and start living for themselves. Now, when I say this, I am definitely not preaching. For me, that's the IDEAL solution!! Because if people still fought then (which I'm sure they will), it would at least be based on an element of TRUTH and someday, there can be JUSTICE. But GOD, he's way above the LAW!!

See you when I see you... :)