Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 9 : Calvin and Hobbes - ALL THE WAY, ALL THE TIME...- Its just a way of life...

I was 12 or 13 when I first saw a really big comic book at my cousin's place. It was "The Essential Calvin & Hobbes" by Bill Watterson. I borrowed it from him for a while to read it. I read it pretty fast. But obviously I couldn't get enough. So I used to carry that book along with me to school [The HPS(R)] and re-read it along with my friends and have a blast each time. And one day, my cousin took the book back from me and I felt as if he took away something that was always mine (or meant to be!!) I din't let go. I flicked the book again from him, and then, he "asked" me to return the book, which I did. And then, I flick it again. :P This continued for a few weeks and then he stopped asking me!! I WON!! (As of today...someone flicked that book from me!! What comes around, goes around!! :(:(:( )

I can't remember one place I used to go without that book when I had it!! I used to read it lying on my bed, under it, on the terrace, on the pot(I don't waste time you know!!), in class, on the way back home... Aahhh!! I SAID, I LIVE IT!! There are still times when my brother thinks I'm mentally unstable whenever I read/recollect a strip and laugh to myself. I write Cal's quotes on walls, on my whiteboard, in my class, everywhere!! All my friends fell in love with it. I just started living with it!! Till today there are days when I don't remember a thing from the day's newspaper except that day's C&H!! I used to cut out the strips and collect them in a spectacle case everyday. (I still have the collection!!) I've followed it so much, I can tell what's going to come the next day (there's a series you know). As I recollect, all the friends I've had from school, the closest, are all great followers of C&H. Everytime we meet, we talk something and say, remember that strip in which Calvin goes to class for 'Show-Tell' and... we should do that sometime... And of late, I realize, that I AM DOING ALL THAT!! Seriously, how many of you went to your Princi's office during your Under-Graduation days?? I did!!(the mischevious, triangular Calvin smile on my face) I was pulling off a C&H trick with a friend and they thought I was ragging!! (I don't believe in ragging!! I hate ragging. And people who rag... grrrr...)

Coming back to C&H, its undoubtedly, THE BEST THING that could have happened to me in my whole life (and the life to come). I know this because I've formed a philosophy that's based on my initial days of C&H (and The Fountainhead) and anything that happens now, will just be an addition to it. The irony of all those guys who follow C&H is that everyone loves being Calvin but would hate to have a six-year-old like Calvin (includes Bill Watterson)!! Ask me when I have a 6-year-old!! :P

"AND YET... SOMEHOW... LIFE GOES ON..." That's one of my all time favorites... :)

P.S. The first two posts of my blog are C&H too!! :):) (go check to cross check!!)
I was overwhelmed when I read a good strip on Chai aur Gupshup. Hence, this joyous cry!! :):):)


Phoenix said...

hahaha lol! on the pot too.. very industrious i must say... lol! :D

lukkydivz said...

there's always a smile on my face when am reading u :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Phoenix : oh yeah!! completely!! They say lots of great ideas were born there!! :P

@Divz : flattered ya.. :D What better could anyone possible share with someone they've never met?? And I stopped guessing if you will drop by... I KNOW you would..:)

Richa said...

how am i in love with this Cal my goodness.. i have put the daily dose on my google homepage n the blog as well.. thnx mr watterson :)

check out for more details:

n the post previous to it

Anonymous said...

Sheer Pure Unfiltered Awesomeness...

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