Sunday, November 2, 2008

"To have more, we must first become more"

I was once told this quote by my uncle a couple of years back. And today morning when I saw a plant I planted (tamarind) a few months back that really wasn't growing for a little while now, this quote was the first thing to pop-up in my head. All it does is open its leaves during day and tuck them in once daylight's gone. Its been living in a small flowerpot until now and is just stuck there, ceasing to grow, despite its ability (and probably want!!!) to grow.

Will look to transplant it into loose soil sometime soon.


dolphin said...

terrific line... read your post 2 days back and it remained with me for past 2 days. to dream big for yourself is important, dreaming big for others is even precious

Pranav Kumar V said...

@ dolphin : like I said, my uncle told that to me while I was a little younger... and am glad I could pass it on to at least one other person... Cheers... :)