Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pune nagariya... :)

Hello folks!! :) Loooong time!! Well, a quick update... I moved to Pune about a month back, in search of my roti and dal (quite literally :P) and things have been good so far. In fact, they're great!! :) I've made myself comfortable in an amazingly short time, I set a small cozy corner for myself with Wilson (my large blue ball!! :D) to keep me company all day... and work's good too!! The best part being me doing great at work so far!! Haha!!

So, back to Pune... I totally love the climate here, though we spend most of the day in our world-class training facilities ;) The sunsets are all amazing, the city is amazingly clean for the kind of populations it has... And there's something about all the houses here... Each house has a name... most of them are the early 90s kind and the names sound so good!! All of them... like 'Kalpana', 'Maya', 'Kajal'... and many more good names, of which I cant recollect even one now!! Darn!! But yeah, its something more to call a house by a name... creates that magic touch I guess!!

I haven't gone around much YET but, the little has been good. And there's absolutely no language issue... we continue to talk in Hindi to ask what we need... and they respond in Marathi (which is extremely sweet to hear when pretty girls speak!!) a word of which we don't understand. But as long as you can get what you want, doen't matter!! ;) I may even end up considering a few rosy prospects here ;)

And apparently, this place is called 'The OXFORD of the East'!! I can see where all the literacy shows!! Very civilized I must say. This place is proving to be quite a happy place away from home!! Dindn't miss it for more than a day after I got here :P That says it ;)

So, this is it for now. I'll get back when I'm less lazy. Too lazy to upload pics right now!! Sometime later maybe.... aaanyway, until then, see you when I see you folks... :D