Thursday, November 27, 2008


Fucking hell!! I woke up to the news of the terror attacks in Mumbai at 0345 hrs!! So sad. I'm quivering here!! This is what I feared the most!!

The ATS Chief was shot dead, 11 policemen dead

Hemant Karkare (ATS Chief), Vijay Salaskar, Ashok Kamte, 3 top cops dead

At least 78 confirmed dead, over 200 injured

Grenades were thrown at, randomly on roads

People taken hostage at The Oberoi

The majestic Taj hotel had 6 blasts and is still on fire

I just saw a LIVE telecast of someone who was shot dead by terrorists who have taken over a police jeep, his guts spewed on the road!! Shit man!! Who even defines TERROR this way?? This is beyond terror... I don't know what its called!!

As I write this I'm watching updates of the incident. I have NO REASON not to be shit feared right now!! THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE. FACE IT!! :(

P.S. watching now


Jadis said...

yep. this is the world. or so they'd have us believe.


dolphin said...

hehe :))

on a serious note, this level of attacks is unheard in new India. generally seen in J&K the fidayeen type of attack. i've deliberately not written on these attacks just to make sure i'll not spread panic on web.

Phoenix said...

fuck the government that boasts of being for he people, by the people and of the people...when it cant help out in a time like this,,more than which why wait for such an incident to occur!! :x

lukkydivz said...

life's like that pk-very uncertain. 103 is a large number :( and over 300 injured. dont know who to blame :|

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Jadis : I'm convinced. And I'll have to figure a way to get AROUND it because I know I cant get OVER it!! :(

@dolphin : I wish I could show you my pulse rate then!! And I heard the initial "TIMES" report that said 900 injured!! Just couldn't hold it back!!

@Phoenix : Its a sad sad world we've made for ourselves!! Damn!! The drama's still on!! What kind of sick SOBs would hold so many people hostage (helpless women!!) knowing that they HAVE to be on the other side of the barrel... sooner than later.

@Divz : No matter whom we blame, no matter who takes the blame, no matter what... they're dead!! :(
And we're left to face it...

P.S. Today's was one of the most depressing newspaper I've read in years!!