Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 6 : The Elite...The Impact...

Ever wondered how many people around you bother to think about thinking of issues that are of concern?? How many of them bother to read stuff and more importantly care (sometimes dare!!) to write about a thought?? And what's it that sets each one of us apart from the rest??

Well, people have different ways to go about their thinking process (if they choose to do so). I chose this place as my abode to just put up my thoughts and refine my logic constantly in this process. And I'm having total fun doing it and know I'll continue to do so!! I already have a fine logic though!! So, I'm saying, this is definitely one place (the Blog space) where, at least once in a while, people give a thought about issues that haunt them, which clearly shows, they wish to see a change in the things that happen around them. So, here's what I say... We can start by being the change. It may sound foolish or pointless in the beginning but it'll work out to be a great difference as time goes by... Surely the Loyal Abe did not think so, else he wouldn't have been what he was(and still is)!!

In today's world, its really hard to tackle together people to bring about a Revolution. So that is completely out of question. Instead, all of us can begin individually, and who knows, how big a Fusion Reaction it would turn out to be!!

I'll be a little more specific here. Of late, people have started talking about renewal/revival of lots of things, the top most being the Political System. Surely, there's nothing we can do (or most of us and definitely me) at this given point in time for that to happen directly. If you CAN, then that's great!! What we CAN do is, just stop discussing the filth of the politics and if we really intend to discuss it, just talk about the good that's going on. And hey, it definitely wouldn't have anything to do with Ruling or Non-Ruling or whatever.

If that's one thing, another that really gets onto my nerves is, the way most people litter (okay!! all those who moved back and said, "Definitely not me!!" if that be true then good for you... now get over it and read on...:P). Why can't we realize that EACH ONE WILL make a difference in the larger scheme of things?? DO NOT LITTER!! In fact stick up a note at all your Cafeterias, Canteens or wherever it is you gather to eat. And if you're the kind that takes leaks along roads (men only, hopefully :P), or see someone who does that, kick them swift in their nuts!! If that sounded cheap, so does what they do!! I mean, you distribute it along green pastures on highways or some place like that, that's fine. That's fertilizer in fact!! But places inside the city... chiiiii!!

The list can go on... spitting on roads, jumping signals (its completely OKAY when the roads are empty and when done with caution), wasting electricity, fuel... just don't do it.

Most importantly, DO NOT PREACH. Let people see you and LEARN. That way, it'll be a greater IMPACT. I know, its people with a certain amount of valid logic that read it till here and hope they will do whatever it is they can to GENERATE THE IMPACT!!


P.S. If you haven't read the whole post, here's the gist... BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN OTHERS, AND YOU WILL SEE THE CHANGE IS NOT FAR BEHIND...

P.P.S. I generally wouldn't say, but this ONE, for the IMPACT I talk about, I would appreciate if you spread a word about this (the IDEA, I mean). See you when I see you folks... :)


lukkydivz said...

lol @ p.s

drop by my blog :P i tried my best to spread ur idea :D

Phoenix said...


nice post!

Medulla Oblongata said...

Ahem..thats my fucked up bro!!
Writes well n keeps lecturing me (though he's younger :P)
Good one PK...

P.S.: My first comment on dis blog!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Divz : Oh yaar!! Kya kahoo mein?? Thanks a mil!! :):):)

@Phoenix : like I wouldn't mind anything that were a little more discrete in this regard!! :P Chill :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Medulla Oblongata : Good education begins at home buddy!! And blessed are Thou to receive the PK-precepts from none but PK himself... :):):) (Radiating God-smile of knowledge....)

P.S. wtf?? Medulla Oblongata?? Have you met my friends Colon, Pituitary Gland, Cerebellum, etc!! You understand the class they belong to?? Don't you?? :P

hc said...

boring stuff baap..entertain us!!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@hc : like what?? Strip tease, or maybe news from Headlines Today... Cheap fish, even you litter!! Maybe I'll write about this 5'8" slim, feeble character that I know. That'll sure be entertaining!! :P

RiverSoul said...

A very powerful post.
Loved it.

dolphin said...

well babu, the sooner the better! about not mentioning the filth of politics, i don't agree with you on that, mentioning the filth along with the good only improves things around us and helps people get enlightened.


this is definitely not boring than AI !! pranav's ready for Stease or whatever, you ready? :P

Jimmy said...

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Pranav Kumar V said...

@RiverSoul : Indeed!! Thanks!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@dolphin : buraayi karne ko kaho to zindagi bhar karte rahenge saale!! aur bas wahi karte rahenge!!

Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble he'd keep his mouth shut!! Its completely fun to pick on someone's job and keep talking shit about it. But, we never let it go at that, fun, do we??

Richa said...

hats off to u Pranav.
I see a guy spreading awareness about cleaniness n not littering!!
i can blv though!!

n i really wish u luck, v can do such things on large sclae by joining hands wid ppl havin similar thoughts. wen i were in the univ, we started a campaign, and even since we have passed out, the campaign is still there..

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Richa : Oh c'mon!! What I've done is very obvi!! And maybe I'll want to know more about your campaign sometime soon!! I really intend to kick all the dirty asses on campus this sem!! They're among the best when it comes to acads (guys with really good ranks get into my college here, me being the exception!!) and still I could never understand why they're so low on cleanliness etiquette!!

Anonymous said...

Nice buddy, good work.