Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 27 : What NEXT?? (PART - 3)

Well, I got into one of the Kendriya Vidyalayas, Picket, the best here (for education(what am I doing there??!!) ) and it did take a while for me to settle into this whole new culture. People from all places and all that.

But guess what (like What next?? :P)
At a point in life which could shape a major part of your career, I still stuck to doing what I do best. :D
I'm still swimming. In fact harder than ever before. I can say, the this was the BEST patch in my entire swimming career. I was SOOO HAPPY with my performance, I ended up with BIG plans to make a career out of it!! But yeah, REALITY...THE b.i.t.c.h... It's never REAL yet its the biggest thing ruling your life!!

Now, like I said, I'm Captain of The Ship and am in full charge. So, again I fall asleep in classes, I walk out of school whenever I please, and all I remember doing in my Biotech Lab was staring at a BIG FISH which never moved an inch. I mean it was alive for the two years I was there, it was BIIIGG, but I NEVER saw it move. Yeah it changed places, but it NEVER moved. It was one of my cousins who saved my ship from sinking during my Biotech exams, who has a Doctorate in some field in Zoology and I was there for him to handle amidst all his busy schedules. Man!! Am I a ROYAL pain or what?? :P THANKS DOC!! This could probably be the FIRST TIME I'M ACTUALLY THANKING SOMEONE!! MAN!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!


Then I told myself, I was responsible for the DEADLOCK and so answered the question myself.

One last time, I asked myself, "What next??"
I said, "YES. I'll go on and do SOMEthing in life!!"
Now, if this is the kind of answer a guy gave to the BIGGEST Question in his life, I'd say, "SURE!! This guy's going SOMEwhere in life!!

And here I am, at the place I currently am. Vasavi College of Engineering. Again one of THE BEST and I HAD to be there. (Get used it and move on...!! :|:P)

Now THIS is where, the TRUE colors of me showed up or in fact ARE showing up. I'm STRONGER (both in body and mind), I'm rediscovering myself at each new juncture. I definitely couldn't say (some three years back), I'd be the guy who's sleeping in class during an Assignment (not the surprising part) and wake up all of a sudden to just stand and thrash my lecturer on his views, on life and more!! My folks no longer ask me, "What next??" They know I'll end up doing SOMEthing, though I strongly feel they don't know the MAGNITUDE of SOME here, not yet, but they'll find out soon... :)

And whoa!! Its not over. Not yet. I'm still swimming. :D The intervals are a little longer this time (the LONGEST being some 7 months or so), but I'm still there, doing that. And I hope something good comes off a good mans best talent. And oh please, don't pour in wishes for this now. Its just a possibility, I'm talking of here. Relax. Deep breath. Frown a little. Smile a lot.

And like always, see you when I see you... :)

AFTER THOUGHT 1 : Is 3 an unlucky number?? Now I know why Ocean's 13 wasn't as good as 11 and 12!! Whatever, LIFE still GOES ON... :)
AFTER THOUGHT 2 : And I would be a complete JACKASS, if I didn't THANK my folks for the best thing that I am. Of course its because of ME, but still, Thanks folks!! Whoooph!! I can't believe I just wrote that!! And I'm not sure I'll get my folks to read this, but its at least written. LIFE STILL GOES ON... :):):)
AFTER THOUGHT 3 : WTF is this?? Thanks giving day?? Is it 27th of Nov. ANYwhere on the planet?? :|

P.S. I look back at the ME that was 5 minutes from now, 1 hour back, a month ago, an year, a lifetime.... at what I AM, all that comes to mind, "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise!!", Fight Club. Good going PK. You'll definitely go SOMEwhere good in life!! :D:D:D

This is the longest I'm taking to hit the PUBLISH button, I sat back for 15 minutes. And... CLICK


lukkydivz said...

lol if your done with ur life story..what's next? ;)

Pranav Kumar V said...

BIGGER LOL!! I knew SOMEone would ask this Q!! And I guess a part of me knew it'd be YOU!! Oh yeah, PK gyaan...:| I guess I'll take a break!! Actually I have a lot more on my fragmenter, but I'll go in for a break.

And hey, do ya know of anyone who put his whole life in 3 pages?? Its like three scoops in a cone and that's it. WHATEVER that meant!!

See you when I see you... :)

Anonymous said...

lol. enjoy the engineering days!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Nice introspection! :)

Medulla Oblongata said...

Ah! Crap..! Most of it is made up. I'm his bro, so i know him better that anybody out here. I'll tell you how true this is. Its like, you go buy a chocolate chip cookie(expecting there will be many chocolate chips in it, well, according to the ad atleast!!) But where were you to know how many there are?? I'll emphasize again.. Most of it is MADE UP! He just pepped up the whole freaking story so he can get more eye balls..! Period!!

He's just screaming for attention!! And guess what?? He's getting it. What say Hit?

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Sydney : Sure!! Thanks :D

@Sameera : If you say so!! :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Medulla Oblongata : The B.I.T.C.H walks all over your life, what do you do?? I say, "Get off my way and go get a LIFE!!" Period. I'm being the CREATOR here, and you just some matter feeding off my thoughts!!

Maybe I AM screaming for attention, maybe I found it. Maybe I'm happy with it. Maybe I found more people with more than the common sense to talk to. Feels great!! No matter more or less, chocolate IS chocolate.

P.S. Dude, you think you really know me?? Dude, I'm not half of what I am, with people around. The person I talk to the most is ME!! So, nobody knows be better than me. R.I.P

CяystąL said...

Merry X'mas btw :P

hc said...

3 aint an unlucky number loser!!!And i know u for 4 years now and this aint u pk!!! i agree with ur bro that ur turning out to be an attention seeker and tryin to act someone else!!! We want the good old pk bak!! dont we??

Richa said...

its soo good u read u guys after a long tym, i am regaining my consciousness, n like divz said 'what next??'

its good u r takin a break, i am on a break since almost a yr now :D
n if i ask myself the same, i wud go blank, get up n ask total bolly style
"main kaun hoon? kahan hoon?? aap log kaun hain"


three is a lucky number as long as u get an idea to continue ;)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Crystal : THANKS!! :P:P Have fun too!! :)

@HC : Where did I EVER leave you and go?? :P And, I'm back... :D

@Richa : "What's NEXT", is that I'm lazing off like a dog now... :D
LOL!! Since an year??!! Main toh jaa raha hoon bhai!!

See you when I see you folks... :)