Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 14 : And who says its easy to be a MAN in THIS world??

I've seen. I've been seeing for years. I heard. I've been hearing for years (a lot). I said (very little over the years). You have NO idea how a woman feels!! And I always used to wonder, yeah right!! unless one of us is from Krypton!!

Just leave all your prepossessions behind, and read what I write. A man, also found in various forms (a.k.a. metamorphosis) as, a son, a grandson, a great-grandson, a lover, a soldier, a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great-grandfather. Now don't say even woman have this grand stuff. No!! Here, its completely different.

My son is going to carry on my legacy (free, bonded labor!!) (chiraags, we're called!! blow us hard and we're gone!! into the wind!!).

"Oh, its okay!! My husband will drop you home, won't you honey??" (Now, the poor guy is so overwhelmed with "honey" that it is not until he drops his wife's girlfriend off, he realizes, okaaayyy. something just happened to me a little while ago, though I'm not able to comprehend the structure of what it was!! (You were bound by the blinding shackles of the sweetness of honey, you jack-ass!! :P).

Baby cries, "don't cry baby!! Papa's gonna take us out tonight. :)" (And the poor guy is at work thinking how he's going to laze around after he gets back home!!).

Even worse, "Grandpa's going to take you to the park in the evening. No!! Not grandma, she can't run so much!!" (At least she can carry Grandpa back home!!)

And there's a lot more of this stuff!! Poor guy is trying real hard to convince his mom he still cares and his wife that he's listening to all she says. I can bet there has been more than one Prime Minister in India (the rest of the world too) who must have bit his tongue real hard while at office when he realized he just missed one of, his wife's tea parties!! She's like the steam coming out of the milk kettle, steaming, for her husband, who also happens to be the PM of a nation (like she cares!!) missed another one of her tea parties!! Though I can bet Madam Indira Gandhi never must have found herself in such a situation. I wasn't even born when she died, but still, I just know. Forget any such incident she wouldn't even have made such a commitment!! Feroz must have said, "Indira how about a movie tonight??" and she would be like, "Feroooozz!! Are you out of your minds!!". Poor guy would've been thinking real hard if what he asked her out was for a "movie" or a "booze party"!!

On a more serious not, not so serious, but still, expectations everywhere man!! From Manmohan to common man, its a man whose expected to do it all!! Not that he does anyway!! Girls, honestly, (don't even bother answering, but still) do you make more calls to your guy or do you receive more calls from him?? Fine he's desperate, but not all the time!!

And this heart thing really gets my thought process running, flying, zipping... Pinch me and see if don't "ouch!!". "all you guys, you don't have feelings... mcchhh. no. no, you don't... ummhmmm...". I say, "Chal hut!!". You stand good in your place and me in mine. No swapping. No weighing. Just the way we are.

Having said all what I said above, I now say, "No. Its not a lot more easier to be a man!! And no, its not as easy as you say!!". I definitely don't dare say its easy being a woman!! You are the one who can create and very well destroy!! Now these are the two hardest things to do in this world, the second could be a lot easier at times. So, I love you all for that!! All men love all women for that (this love is called respect/chivalry, etc). And you guys really need someone to throw your pillows at. So we're even. You give a little something, and you hold onto a little something. Fair. Fairly square. What we all need to agree is, each one has our own set of problems individually and a lot more joy together(!!). You do your work, I'll do mine. In the process we'll end up doing a WE and that's the way itsmeant to be!! You are you. I am me. And you and I are just meant to be!! :):) (WOW PK!!)

See you when I see you folks!! :)


dolphin said...

finally someone's speaking for men ;) got bored of 'women are this, women are that, they manage everything, anywhere.' shit man! hehe our PMs must've regretted being a PM for not enjoying the tea parties and movie shows. definitely, shivraj patil wouldn't have. he must have missed the office :)) btw you forgot mentioning the role of a 'failed lover' :)) lol, there must be lakhs of them, give them their due credit :P Well, you must've been experiencing about the who's calling how much stuff, isn't it :)) :P

deluded said...

is this the level of frustration youre going through right now?

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Dolphin : Lol!! @Shivraj Patil!! 'Failed lover', a whole different thing they say... how would I know?? :P

@Deluded : 'Frustration is the beginning of medicine' :P And I'm clean, as of now at least!!
Naah, I'm very relaxed out here... in fact chilling!! its so friggin cold!!

deluded said...


but you see.

our side has GIRLS on it.


me = frustrated with studies

you = frustrated with -----

fill in the blanks

Sheru said...

you have brought it out. out of the minds. watch out for something that complements this in my blog..good wrk..!

Richa said...


so as my bro always rants- we have discrimintion in our home, the gurls r given more freedom than the guys, so i found another person agreeing to it :D


all the best being a guy!! :P

Jadis said...

:D LMAO. and we're always blaming guys of being egomaniacs. i think it's us girls that have a huger ego(ie, 'self-respect' as we prefer to call it.) :P

lukkydivz said...

an unsuccessful attempt!! REALLY,TRY AGAIN pk ;)

Phoenix said...


really pk i was almost cringing by anti-women statements but you are too witty and good at this.. really.. so this time id just appreciate it and don't launch into justifying my gender okay.. not doing a favor trust me.. you deserve being commended.. :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Deluded : me am frustrated with --not-being-frustrated--. actually not even that!! Or maybe traffic in Bangalore, or the cops on roads. YESSS! that's it!! I'm frustrated with cops on roads in B'lore... thanks for getting it out of me!! :P

@Sheru : one jumbo scoop!!

@Richa : Thanks a mil!! :) Long way to go... may my Goddess bless me!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Jadis : uhuh... self-respect, yes. Most girls like to have it. And a few men who'd do anything for it. My Ego is my feed to my brain... it ain't there...PK ain't there. Simple.

@Divz : YEAH RIGHT!! Tell me you weren't sulking when you were reading this and I'd believe it just as much as I believe pigs can fly!! :P And I wasn't even trying to "prove"!! My premise was not based on any element of fiction or some hypothesis. Its all out there. Its written all over. But yeah, I can totally understand if you still ain't convinced!! :D

I'm open for a discussion anytime!! Unless you again choose to stay out of it again!! :(

@Phoenix : Its not ANTI-WOMAN!! I as rule respect women. but there are times when chivalry is just impossible!! :P

P.S. Why would any MAN hate WOMEN!! He'd be 6 feet under if he did!!

See you when I see you... :)

lukkydivz said...

i really wish i could plunge into action but i don't want to :P

and regarding ur only question- who calls most of the times...

LOL hez desperate only in the starting days of the relationship..somehow we are taken for granted with passing time..and it sucks :|

ur post was rather silly pk :P u din't get into the serious side of relationships :) now that doesnt mean i want u to come up with another :P this was satisfactory but DID NOT convince me enough ;)

love :)

Anonymous said...

PK....this post makes me feel that you trying very hard to impress some girl....