Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 12 : Is baar nahin...

Is baar jab woh choti si bachchi mere paas apni kharonch le kar aayegi
Main usey phoo phoo kar nahin behlaoonga
Panapney doonga uski tees ko
Is baar nahin

Is baar jab main chehron par dard likha dekhoonga
Nahin gaoonga geet peeda bhula dene wale
Dard ko risney doonga,utarney doonga andar gehrey
Is baar nahin

Is baar main na marham lagaoonga
Na hi uthaoonga rui ke phahey
Aur na hi kahoonga ki tum aankein band karlo,gardan udhar kar lo main dawa lagata hoon
Dekhney doonga sabko hum sabko khuley nangey ghaav
Is baar nahin

Is baar jab uljhaney dekhoonga,chatpatahat dekhoonga
Nahin daudoonga uljhee door lapetney
Uljhaney doonga jab tak ulajh sake
Is baar nahin

Is baar karm ka hawala de kar nahin uthaoonga auzaar
Nahin karoonga phir se ek nayee shuruaat
Nahin banoonga misaal ek karmyogi ki
Nahin aaney doonga zindagi ko aasani se patri par
Utarney doonga usey keechad main,tedhey medhey raston pe
Nahin sookhney doonga deewaron par laga khoon
Halka nahin padney doonga uska rang
Is baar nahin banney doonga usey itna laachaar
Ki paan ki peek aur khoon ka fark hi khatm ho jaye
Is baar nahin

Is baar ghawon ko dekhna hai
Gaur se Thoda lambe wakt tak
Kuch faisley Aur uskey baad hausley
Kahin toh shuruat karni hi hogi
Is baar yahi tay kiya hai

By Prasoon Joshi

This poem reflects the feelings of many Indians after the Mumbai attacks. Lets hope, ki is baar nahi...

Video : www.ndtv.com

P.S. Realized there's some problem with the streaming... go watch it. Watch the last 10 minutes of the show. Simi just screwed it all in the end!!


hc said...

i saw the show..simi screwed it up badly in the end!!! the audio of prasoon joshi aint that clear..i hope ndtv releases a clearer version of it

lukkydivz said...

i dint understand a word :O
cud u plz translate to english, mujhe inni hindi nahi aati :|

hc said...

i was gonna post it myself but then dono u beta em to it ..am posting it on http://humhainbharat.blogspot.com/ our new blog!!!

Phoenix said...

great poem and the vedio truly rocks!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@hc : and its not even the complete version they played!!
And we need to discuss our new blog!! Of course there are rules!! :P

@Divz : you're kidding!! Right??

@Phoenix : The whole show was awesome actually!! With the exception of Simi, who really went back to the Stone Age from the Modern Age!!

hc said...

look rules are meant to be broken :p hmm y i started off with the poem cause its the best way to start re..so mind it!! lol

Pranav Kumar V said...

@hc : naah... its not about you or the poem... I wanted to say somthing else...

dolphin said...

how pathetic that it took an attack on taj for them to react, where were the voices when delhi, hyderabad, varanasi, ahmedabad were attacked?

hc said...

dude...why havent u joined the other blog too!!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@dolphin : better late than never!!

@hc : baap, what do I tell you!! My bloody IE woes!! I'll get back to Firefox and then I'll start again!! IE sucks!!

dolphin said...

wow, all of a sudden the elite wakes up to the cause of anti-terrorism. wonderful! i'll tell u why, when the common man screamed out of pain in bombay train attacks, when he yelled with pain after hyderabad masjid blasts nobody talked as THEY weren't affected. Today, as taj and oberoi are attacked, two home ministers, a chief minister have resigned. there is wide speculation about overhauling of police administration. what does this suggest? it suggests that the govt doesn't care for lives of common man. the pressure from Ratan Tata (who incidentally owns Taj, isn't it?) makes them decide who'll be in power, the interference of ambani brothers will change the fuel prices not to forget power equations. after the attacks, common man remains common man and a new vote bank has emerged out of conscience and sadly politicians have been reduced to common men!