Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The week that just went by was by-far, one of the best times I had in a loong time... Thanks to my creative-self and all my cousins who were there....

First, we started off by going on a cooking spree (of course the eating had to come along!! :P). Varieties of paratha, just name anything and we were ready to make parathas out of it!! Great curries that'd go along... too many cooks and yet a decent job!! Well, to begin with, Saturday Night, we started with Pav Bhaji, and had hot coffee at B'lore Cant Station. We savored the Pav Bhaji on the terrace. Now, you should know, the kind of cold B'lore throws at you this season (~13-14 I guess). And apparently that was the day the moon was closest to the earth in a long time, I came to learn this just the day before yesterday!! So, coming back to the night, after Pav Bhaji, we just lied down on the mattresses on the terrace... and wow!! Now finding a clear sky in Bangalore is such a rare thing and finding it when you really didn't ask for it or expect it is even more fun!! And I got to see 5 shooting stars of the 6 all of us saw. PK's score was the highest over there (5/6). Was that a sign or a mere coincidence or was it just me??!! I'll take it as a sign you call it whatever!! :P

The warm summer afternoons
The cold winter nights
The new life of spring
The bright eyes of night...

I wonder though, what it is, that life wants
I wonder though, how to scale those new heights
I wonder though, what's for dinner tonight
And I wonder no more, for it is the little things in life...
That are a Heartful Delight

I set out after the night's old
Grooving to the biting early morning cold
My muscles really tight
The acids ripe and might

As I lay on my back
The sun long gone, and night-bright
My face frozen in the moonlight
Wondering if there could be a better sight...
Oh Life!! You're such a Heartful Delight!!

And then the following day was again a whole new episode!! A great breakfast (pesarattu a.k.a green gram dosa), only to be followed by a great spread at lunch and finally, the best part... dinner. It was Harry's call, to set up a bonfire for dinner, and PK is always running all-over to execute the plans (specially his!!) So, off we went, collecting a few dry sticks from trees along the street, with people coming out of their houses and staring at two people, well-dressed and speaking good English, picking sticks and wondering what they'd make of them!! We even flicked two dry coconut branches that were thrown outside some house!! :P And then, dinner over the bonfire!! I mean how hard is it to set something on fire!! :P The smell of burning ghee over the sticks was mesmerizing!! And I always, as a child, loved taming fire, I used to run away onto the terrace with match boxes and start lighting one stick after the other and finally just burn all of them with one stick... whoosh... amazing feeling!!!

And that's not all, the best part yet is... do you remember the Hindi movie where Johnny Lever celebrates all the festivals at weird times of the year?? This was something like that!! We celebrated Diwali after dinner!! Or whatever you call lighting crackers on a non-Diwali day!! Why not?? It was a full moon day, good mood, everyone together, and I was like, sure, lets light up the sky a little more!!! And after the blast, again a drive to the Railway Station in an old Classic Premier 118-NE, my primary objective being, to sip fresh Hot Coffee!! :P

And to add to all this, Harry got me to hear this...

And so, the days moved on and before I actually woke up, it was already yesterday and then I realize none of this was a dream and so I'm still sleepy today!!

Just, see you when I see you guys... :)

P.S. Most of the poem's what I wrote during my exams, part of my prep!!, and how good it shows what was on my mind then and what I experienced now... :| And I, like God, do not play with dice and I don't believe in coincidences... V


hc said...

Wheres the pk brigade??They wanted this post and they insisted so much..its more like that airtel ad where saif cries " i luv u so much it hurts" its "i luv u so much i insist" and there comes pk writing shit!! ur brother agrees with me totally..we know wads cooking a bit careful..remember what advice we gave u today!!coming to ur cooking expertize why dont u call ur fan club over for dinner :p am sure they'll luv ur cooking!!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@hc : Talk to the hand pal... =; Actually my toe... :P
I read somewhere about the ability to be able to know words and the ability to be able to use at the right place at the right time. It was seen that over 70-75% of criminals in jails are those who have either a poor vocabulary or don't know what to do of what they know!! Just thought you may want to know!!

See you when I see you... :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

Again @HC : Did you even watch the video?? Jacko!! Watch it... its good... Its goooodd...

hc said...

i might have a poor vocab or wadever as u u think i actually care??? atleast am a "man" enough to go to jail(i hope i do!!!) unlike the girl in u..i stil dont see ur fan club(POWER PUFF GIRLS) taking me on!!ur turning into another raj thackrey i say !!!And yeah lemme give u some news..its avs jairam n sunitha!!! now take that mister..haha...

Phoenix said...

bap re you have a fertile brain during exams to write such amazing poetry... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE shooting stars! You guys are so lucky, I hope you made a few wishes :)

Sounds like you've had not a good week but a FABULOUS week. The entire post made me smile.

Wishing you many more good times ahead!

- Sydney

lukkydivz said...

finally the creative part of pk is in ;) loved it totally!

love the header pic :) and the post as always ;)

divinediu said...

Wow. You had an awesome time, didn't you?

Cousins are fun to be around, especially if you have the same tastes and stuff OR if you can boss them around. ;)

Is it really that cold in Bangalore right now? *sigh* What was I thinking??? :(

Five shooting stars in one night?? I've seen two my whole life. :P

the bright eyes of the night
I like that. :)

No, I do not remember the Johny Lever movie.

You don't believe in coincidences? :D
Me too. The weird stuff was MEANT TO BE.

Pranav Kumar V said...

@hc : what's with AVS, JR and Sunita?? Those are three teching us is it?? Lol@AVS and JR!!!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Phoenix : Completely!! Its just that I always have a focus shift!! I even ended up writing quotes in the exam this sem!! :|

@Sydney : You wouldn't believe!! I was so overwhelmed, I thought I didn't want anything more... so I couldn't even think of a wish to wish!!! And thaaaat's PK!!!!!

@Divz : OOO-OOO-OOOOHHH NA NA NAAA... Were you even wearing those boots with spiked wheels?? Cool pic girl!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Divinediu : Two in your whole life??!! What?? Weren't you born yet in the late nineties?? There was a meteor shower then!! I saw over 20 that one morning!! :D:D

The reason why I mentioned the movie is, I couldn't recollect the name myself!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey pranav.this is the first time i came across your blog and it is fantastic.myself harminder sahni ji,you can call me harmy sweet you post i feel all sugery syrupy yummy.your blog makes me want to love again,love which i lost, i see god in you, tvade blog main rab dihkta hai, ki karun ji.mar javan main ghud kha ke!thode dole shole!!okay tata i see you next time.i like you so much.kissy pissy

Aayushi said...

I love the stars..oh yes I do.
And yes..happy fun times..

Btw..are you some swimming champ?

Aayushi said...

(this is Crystal here~)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Anonymous : LOL LOL LOL LMAO ROFL Okay... Okkaaayyyy... Either you are who I think you are or you are who you are...chances of both being the same can't be completely ruled out... :D

Let's get a little clarity here shall we!! Oh, you pick the place and time...I'll just be there... :D

P.S. You really thought I'd fall for that?? No, seriously!! How many times have I asked you to leave spaces between sentences!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Aayushi : Well, I'll just answer that in one word and save myself some modesty here... YES.

See you when I see you... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are just like me. Sometimes, in life, when you are faced with such beauty, it's hard to wish for anything more :)

Anonymous said...

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