Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 26 : What NEXT?? (PART - 2)

So, the races kept coming and I kept swimming... I swam better, I went higher up the ladder... Oh yeah, schooling (primary and secondary) happened between swimming... At school, the day began with tasteless plain milk with sugar and scum particulate all in it!! GROSS... I drained my milk in the sink and asked the guys, "What next??"
They said, "The FUN part...:|"
I replied, all excited, "Oh really!!"
They said, dryly, "Completely"
I only understood a little while later what they meant!! Life got more complicated...
Social Studies, English, Hindi, Sciences, and how could my darlings leave me alone?? MATHS AND HISTORY. History was all grand and fine, but Math, I must say, I really screwed it up!!

After classes, I asked, "What next??"
And the Big Lady told me "We're going to the Dining Hall for Lunch"
And we kept walking and walking in a crooked fashion, but still they called it a "line"!! After walking for an hour or so, we finally reached the Dining Hall. Grand place, huge tables, we had lunch. I hogged so much, it took me longer than what it took me to get to the Dining Hall back to the class!!

On my way back, I wandered here and there, Into The WILDness of the "forest" within school!! I also came across my elder brother in the play field, he was an year elder. And I thought I could shoo off any bullies by telling the bullies his name. (Yeah, I heard of Tom Brown's school Days by then!!) It was only later that I learnt, if anything, I had to keep myself away from HIS friends!! Bloody rogues!! :X

Between races, they asked me at school, "What next??"
I replied, "Another race soon..."
I asked Dad, "What next??"
He said, another tournament, another tour, and off I went to almost all the states in India except J&K and a few on the East. I've only been to Assam and Bengal.
So, if you just forgot, I'm STILL SWIMMING...

And between all this ACTION were my classes...
Classes in general were fun. For some strange reason they always got me to sit in the first bench and I ALWAYS managed to fall asleep sitting there. :D They wouldn't even wake me up!! They thought, "AWWW!! Poor fellow!! Must be really tired after that hectic swimming schedule of his!! AWWW... Let's carry on class..." And I love my teachers for this ONE THING!! All I remember asking my friends was, "What's next??"
They tell me what period it is... I put the old books in, take out the new ones and zzzzzzz......

ART CLASS: I never slept much in ART Classes. All I remember drawing till my 10th standard was either trying to emulate what my brother drew or THE STANDARD - TWO MOUNTAINS, RISING SUN BETWEEN THEM, FLOWING RIVER, BIRDS TO THE RIGHT, A TREE TO THE LEFT, AND A HUT ALONG THE RIVER... There's at least 10 of these drawings each year in EVERY ART BOOK!! And I drew it each time with the same PASSION I had for it when it was first drawn... AND ALL STUDENTS OF HPS ARE PROUD OF IT!! :D

And finally I was out of school. I asked Dad "What next??"
He said, "College..."
And from this point onwards, I took command. If its my ship, I might as-well be in COMMAND.
I said, firmly, "NO. MORE SCHOOL" Now really hoping the skies wouldn't come down on me!!
He said, easily, "Fine. Go ahead..." (Aye aye captain!!)
So, I'm completely baffled but happy that i have two more years of Higher Secondary, in school.

Now, here's where the FUN part begins!! So, I'll tell you the remaining tomorrow...

Until later, see you when I see you... :)


lukkydivz said...

why u sound so cute to me, as cute as a baby :O ;)

lukkydivz said...

and btw, is medulla oblongata your brother? :D

divinediu said...

I hate scum particulate in milk too.

We had 'girls line' and 'boys line' for dining hall as well. Food was eww though. I still hate sambhar because of the unimaginable overdose.

First bencher always for 'some strange reason'??
I'll tell you the reason.
NERD!!!! :P

Standard drawings, my art book has it too. Till 10th we kept drawing that shit.


Happy sailing, mister!!

Anonymous said...

Nice "What's Next??" posts. I enjoyed reading them!

Phoenix said...

hey i loove drawing the standard paintings too...two mountings a sun a river flowing by... im good ar such things :):P

deluded said...

but wait!

where are the girls?

hc said...

yes where are the girls???? ur a disgrace to HPS man...thank god ur from the stupid sister school of ours!!! Dont disgrace HPS begumpet by not mentioning the babes in school!!HPS is known for the food , the babes and the sports ( we do believe in education sometimes too)..damn u pk!!!! damn u!!!!

Trinaa said...

thats one kewl blog name! :D

Anonymous said...

btw, I replied to your comment on my blog. It's under the title "Today".

later gater,

hc said...

and yeah the next part should be dedicated to me..cause u met me!!! and then on i ruled over u son!!!u were an awesome buttler

Pranav Kumar V said...

OK. Im so HIGH (on thoughts) right now, I'm VIBRATING here!! :P

So, I'll just hurry up with responses and back to what I do BEST...

@Divz : No no, no baby!! I am 20 going on 21 lady!! :P No, Medulla Oblongata is, "the lower or hindmost part of the brain", its in all of us. :P But YES, my brother chose that to be his IDENTITY. SO BE IT!! :P:P:P

@Divinediu : I was either too noisy or too sleepy, hence the first bench!! :D Would you believe if I said I was lifted and PUT there??

@Sydney : Good to know. One more to go and then, I'll defy GRAVITY!!!

@Phoenix : OH-MY-GODDESS!! What are we, born with that image in mind??!!

@Deluded : Where?? You mean at school?? Beep... sorry dude, it was a MAN's world there!! At least till I left, now its all fare and square!!! :(

@HC : OKAY PAL!! Its all about BABES AT HPS-B and more of a school-with-fun at HPS-R. And for your satisfaction, I'll also say, HPS-B was a NIZAM's school, so you can imagine the grandeur there, its some 160 acres and mine some 50, so its a little compressed at my place... You want to say more, go write a POST on this...

@Trinaa : Clean slate... :D