Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 18 : Wet Slippers!!

I like to keep my things clean. Very clean.

I like to keep my stuff organized. Very organized.

I like my stuff, and only I like to use it and with care. Very careful.

I like to keep track of what I'm doing and I don't like leaving behind trails for whatever reasons. Very discrete.

Now, its not really my problem if someone calls this OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). It would be a disorder if it affected my way of life, more for me and maybe a few others. It would be a disorder if it lead to degeneration of my mental abilities to perceive. It would be a disorder if I would be chasing something that can never be achieved!!

But, all this, is just cleanliness. A lit bit of the higher order, but that doesn't change a thing about the person, or say something's wrong with him.

They tell me, as a child (till I guess I was 7-8), I used to carry my slippers on my head wherever I came across wet land. Big deal!! I can still remember they were some light-brown colored slippers. I do not like the idea of mixing dry land and wet land. No. No no no. Why would I want to leave behind my footprints anywhere and everywhere?? If I did so, that would be bugging me all day long!! But then I don't really care about all this while I am in and around a swimming pool. That place is meant to be wet. But I have a greater issue over there!! The idiots don't lay large enough tiles to suit peoples walking styles. So I have to jump from one complete block to another without stepping onto two blocks at a time. I know I wouldn't shrink into the ground if I did that. But then, that's just me!! Its just being stable. I make sure my footgear is absolutely clean whenever I'm wearing it, both inside and outside and downside!! But its just that I choose not to set my foot down wherever its wet but sometimes it just happens!! I'm still being clean... I love rains. I love either to watch the rain, or get wet in it. Not stick my fingers out of the balcony and say "WOW!!". That's incomplete. That's unfair to the rain. If I'm driving and starts raining, I generally get completely wet, than run and hide. (What say Hit??) That's fair. I'm still being clean...

Another episode is one that I encounter in kitchens. Everytime I'm cooking I keep cleaning up the platform, knives knowing that I'll have use them again. But see, the cleaner the place is the better you feel and the better you cook. Harry (my cuz) keeps the place clean, he's a great chef too. Its obvious!! I generally see that places where men cook (not professionals mind you), the cooking is all very vague. Largely diced vegetables, oodles of oil, completely messy surroundings and a few other such things. Why should it be that way?? I do it neat and clean. So the gustatory sensation you have when you eat my food, is obvious!! :P You would be left craving for more!! Double :P

Everytime I swim I make sure my initial workout is just what its meant to be (a min. of 1KM). I never come out before that. Every morning after I wake up, I make my bed and then leave.* Everytime I sip water out of my sipper, I make sure only I finish all the water in it. I like to have a count you see. So guys, the next time you ask me for water (I'm always carrying a large bottle) just make sure no one else around us is carrying any, else you can borrow theirs. :|

All of these things that I do are with a clear picture in mind. It sure may seem to be like an impossible task to others but, it works great for me.

So, the bottom line is, there is no OCD in cases like mine. Its OCO (Obsessive Compulsive Orderliness). What's wrong with being Obsessed?? We're all obsessed with life, aren't we?? So, chill guys!! If you're the kind who's left wondering after reading this, then you're just not so clean. If you're not, then you're in the OCO Club guys and we're all very proud of it!! :):):)

See you when I see you... :)

*PK's THEORY : If you're not the kind who doesn't make his/her bed after you wake up, then you have other thoughts on mind => you have thoughts on your mind => you didn't have a good sleep (as a sleep is meant to be a thoughtless state, that's what you're supposed to make it) => you have thoughts on your mind that are beyond your conscious control => you are messed up!!

P.S. If you jumped here directly without reading the whole post, then I redirect you back to where you left it. Its long, but you started reading it, so you better finish it!! :|


Richa said...

Rain n cooking i agree totally :D

n i m obsessed with life altogether..

and we aint OCDs n strange i read an article on OCds in the morning itself n now i see another :D

hc said...

uve lost it!!!

lukkydivz said...

LOL does this post come as a proof to HC that u r the number 1? :D

I love rains. I love either to watch the rain, or get wet in it. Not stick my fingers out of the balcony and say "WOW!!". That's incomplete.

agree totally!!

Phoenix said...

lol! pk at his strange and weird best... :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Richa : Now!! Is that too much of coincidence or is it just us??!!

@hc : I've got a grip. More than ever before.

Nikhilesh Kumar V said...

Blah!! =;
"Hello, I'm PK. Need I tell you that I'm goooooood at blahing?? I thought you should have figured that out by now!!"

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Divz : hey ya!! To HC I don't find the need to prove a damn thing!! The guy knows me better than that!! Its just that he keeps losing it quite often. But the best part is, he finds his way back to reality... :D

And as far as your agreeing with me goes... let's see... I'll give you a call the next time it rains, let's see if you come out and throw yourself into the rain... what say?? :P

@Phoenix : I wouldn't say my best yet, mainly because I still have the ability to comprehend what I've written is. The day I'm completely stateless and then GO FOR IT... that'll be my best!! :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Nik : Tu kyon ro raha hai bey?? You're the luckiest man on earth for you get to hear so much of my blah-ing for free and theres loads of Gyaan in my Blah-ing too!!

I'm coming back soon anyway, I'll make up for the gap. Take that!! Haha!!

P.S. Just mail me all you're sending with dad...

ABHISHEK SiM said...

eeeuww ! u r so clean! shoo clean fellow! shoo!
OCD personified.

a few of the punchlines - man, they were awesome! lovely. looking frwd to "Railway Station" affair.

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Abhishek : Its OCO personified!!

Yeah I guess next in line is my Rly Stn love!!

See you then over there... :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

This is the best explanation for OCD I have read so far! And believe me I have read some! Heard some more!

You could sit and convince a psychiatrist that OCD is perhaps not a state of mental disorder and shoudl hence be obliterated from the list of mental disorders!!

I loved reading this

and the best arguement.. isnt everybody obsessed with something or the other?

I agree.. completely!

Anonymous said...

I had written this in the last, but incase you have to wait for a long time one more to reach the end :P, I'm giving it before, for this forms the basic lining of this over extended comment!

If ur getting disturbed by an untidy table, its your minds fault! ( 'you' is used in general)
but see, the basic point which I wanna make out is, it is ingrained in our education system to change other things according to our likes, not better our own selves, they teach conventions, instead of innovations
Really mate!, one after the other, things listed which I hold disregard for, and therefore am never able to follow them! :P

Now this is indeed art and perceptions.
##Why must the blanket be folded? I prefer it all around me and all over the bed! :P

##I remember I last swam when I was 5, when my Sir threw me in the middle of the swimming pool... needless to say, I never dared to make the mistake of stepping in water again.

##Well, I despise drinking water as much as swimming in it.

##Well, now,I am just one of those who do that with rain(sticking my finger out ...) You can't blame me if I get pleasure differently than you!
These are not your opinions, these are simply your personal methods

## The kitchen one is a useless stereotype :| Whoever made them dint see girls like me :P (Actually I dunno how to cuk at all )

## I just don't see why my english copy must not have cuttings, as long as what I write makes perfect art, I mean, Its not my priority to make it 'readable', same goes for writing all the steps in problem solving, I find it needless . :|
Its not my priority to worry about anything else but the answers!
I dont understand what has tidiness gotta do with a c++ program lol...

*PK's THEORY :ppl who dont make their beds(ppl like me obviously :P) may be having their own thoughts about what they prefer!

Ok ok...now I'll stop! :D bet you have your nose all cringed up :P

CяŷştąŁ said...

Someone called cleanliness a disorder...LMAO!..
Okay okay..I totally disagree with the fact that it would be incomplete to just put your hand out,touch the rain and say wow..to each his own!..lke I am the hygienic person,but not that extent that I'd carry my slippers on my head..you're leaving behind footsteps ONLY..not DIRTMARKS..humph!
And getting all muddy is fun in itself..you don't need to get a CLEAN FREAK avataar even when playing the joker sometimes is FUN!..and so..lemme finish by saying,even if you are a cleanliness freak..then you don't need to give justifications fer it =P..

hc said...

wad shit pk!!! ur writing shit which i dont have patience to read..write some shit which makes some shitty sense to me or ill shit the hell out of u..and u number one??? shes lost it too :p and i keep loosing it often?? u shitty asshole il bloody put vodka in ur water bottle next sem u wait and watch ...and then take u to the department and leave u there next to vishy!!! and then watch the action..am loving it!!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Beauty and the BEast : I make myself clear again, its OCO I'm talking about here, not OCD!! But anyways, its an O followed by a C.

And yes. Obsessions are all over the place. All the time.

See you when I see you... :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Ayushi : I'm not quite sure how long this'll turn out to be!! But, let's see...

Hmmm, untidy tables, now as long as you're ON it its fine. Its being used. But once you're off it ('you' as in guys like 'me', let's say) find it a lot out of place because that's not how it's meant to be!! You might as well buy stained clothes and wash the stains off once you've bought em' but, the whole idea is what you see with your eyes, not denying the conventional patterns that are stuck up somewhere in the head, the things we're taught, let's say.

Coming to the 'not so bright' side of yours...

##: Blankets are meant to be all over you and the bed as well. True. But what I'm talking about here is when you're off your bed.

##: I was thrown into the water with incomplete protection. I ran out. I was thrown in when it was cold, I stood there shivering. I was thrown in when was 2 1/2 and I went on to be a pretty good swimmer I should say. But, that's just ME again!!

##: Haha!! I'm smart. I'm smarter in water. I've spents some good 17-18 years of my life swimming. Coming back to your point, I quote myself again, "I love rains. I love either to watch the rain, or get wet in it. Not stick my fingers out of the balcony and say "WOW!!". Now, all the emphasis was on me. I do not Believe in the Theory of Generalization.

##: Lol!! Where did I mention girls in the kitchen?? I for one, believe and more than that, love cooking for myself. I'm(all men) as human as women are!! :P Ain't I??

##: Yes Ma'am!! Books are meant to be filled with shit. Who says no!! I don't remember the last time I took down something in class and instead was busy either dozing off or trying to find the silliest of the reasons to pick a fight with my profs. But hey, C++ programs, its the convention of writing a code when you leave spaces and write comments, not an innovation!! You see, it makes it easier to debug!!

PK's Theory : This world is just as much yours as it is mine. We're all just bricks in the wall. Surely no two in the same place!!

And can I like spin your bet back to you?? PK isn't really an emotional person. And reading someone speak their thoughts, is not even the last thing that'd take me in!!

Gee!! Wonder how long this is!! Was FUN!! :D

See you when I see you... :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@CяŷştąŁ : Again, it was completely ME in that rain episode, not anyone else.

I USED to carry the slippers on my head. I grew up. I just try to jump across the water now!! :P But the whole point is, in a warm/hot country like ours, there's lots of dust all over. Undeniable. So, the wetness obviously gets some dirt on it and when its dry its a dirty stain!!

And lastly, one of my great hobbies is gardening. And how much can one NOT soil himself while he's digging up all over the place?? Yes, it indeed is fun!! :D
Justification is the art of reasoning, clarification, is that of understanding!! :P

See you when I see you... :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@hc : so much shit?? flush flush flush fucker!!

And the vodka thing, please do that darling!!! I'd love to play Vishy after I get drunk. Seriously, consider this for me. :|

Dude, do you have any idea what Number 1 is?? Yes, you do. So, the point here is about doing what everyone does, the BEST way, OR, doing what nobody else does. Now, you take what you want from that!!


See you when I see you...:)

P.S. the next post's long one too!! Now what's the point in having a powerful engine and no cars for it to pull??

Anonymous said...

'Your emphasis on 'me' finishes the moment you say "to the 'not so bright' side of yours"...you cant judge me by my art! :>...you cannot do that till you believe in generalisations.

# "that's not how it's meant to be"---its meant to be the way i like it :)

# Blankets: Both on and off, I like them on the bed, not folded in one corner :\

# Arre yaar you did mention 'boys'(err...'men') in kitchen, toh ladkiyan hi bachi na? Ok ok, I assumed that 'neatness' is a relative concept,(I think my assumption is right). My fault actually, I dint consider the transgendered society ;)...I'm not saying 'ur' sexist lol!

# C++ progs: I do mah practicals, get my results, she verifies them three times with every shit she can think of, and then she gives me less marks only for not drawing the table with a pencil ...i mean, wtf?

# Theory: Well, I believe that the reality is only one. methods maybe different, btu your theory was not 'art' it was 'whats' you deduced that I did not agree with. Saying that because you dont keep something in its place, you have other thoughts in mind is only applicable to you perhaps, not to others. then, whats the use of the theory if its only appicable to you? :P

Can't resist answering back to such stimulating replies lol... :D

CяŷştąŁ said...

Err..I'd better remain not known to people who try to teach me English..=D
And oh yess..you gave justifications n clarifications..over yourself..and kept contradicting..pro ha! :D

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Ayushi : Like your response was any 'less' stimulating!! :P Just one thing, the 'not so bright' side of you, were the things you disregarded and hence never followed them. Not like there's a brighter side that's completely outside your ambit, just the other side of the coin. But I'm moving on... whatever it is, bottom line, there's more to cleanliness than keeping things clean, which isvery evident just a few lines above!! :P Chillax... :)

See you when I see you...

Pranav Kumar V said...

@CяŷştąŁ : Just can't resist!!
Logic is the art of non-contradictory conclusions.

Lol!! I read your posts and you really think I was teaching YOU english??!! Lets say, it was just bringing back to surface!! (whatever is an innocent smiley)

See you when I see you...

divinediu said...

HAhahahhahahaha!! :D

You're King Quirk, if I may. :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Divinediu : I'm a man with lots of hygiene

People still stare at me and that sentence whenever I say that!! As if the two nouns are never supposed to be forming a single sentence together!! Damn!!