Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 19 : My affairs with Railway Stations

This goes way back to my pre-primary schooling days. I wake up as usual that morning and my folks (my dad getting my socks on my feet and tying up my shoes!! Man!! what a memory PK HAS!! :P) tell me we're going out of station in the evening, by train. Aur yahiin se choote meri gaadi!! I was in school when all of a sudden my mom shows up with my lunch. I remember she was spoon feeding me and answering some random question I kept asking about the trip. It was a family visit to Tirupati.

And then my train of thoughts left the station, only never to return!! I was all excited about going by train!! I didn't know it then, but I know it know. Its all the chaos, the drama, the excitement, the complete ACTION package that excites me about Railway Stations. I have traveled a lot on trains to go various places for my swimming. Should say, I've been to almost all places except J&K!! And that too, I will go soon, no matter what!! Back to the action at stations... I just like watching all this action and am not a part of it. I don't like running around on Railway Station premises, its a peaceful experience for me. I haven't a major incident of this order that I can think of. Nor would I be running in the future. Yes, when the need arises, like maybe my girl's forgotten to take my goodbye kiss while going out of town, I'll run up to her and throw her the kiss, but otherwise, naah, I'd never run. But here's the GODDESS reason... I love having HOT COFFEE at Railway Stations. Preferably one from Fresh 'N' Ground, if not, one from a Coffee Day bar. I just LOVE the cappuccino from Fresh 'N' Ground, sugarless... I could ask for this coffee as my last wish on my death bed and I wouldn't give a damn where I'd reach in my afterlife, for I, already have found my Stairway to Heaven, my cup of steaming hot, cappuccino!!!

Coffee being the primary reason, I also like the wait for the person who's coming. No no, don't jump to conclusions. Its not because I already miss them a lot. Its because I'd have picked up some random scene on road while driving to the station or some incident last night that gave birth to a new theory of my own and then, I'm dying to find someone to tell about it!! I really don't care if the person who is being talked to listens to or not, understands or not, I'd just go on and on and on anyway!! :D I guess I'm the only guy who appreciates delays in schedules at Railway Stations (not while I'm on train, while I'm waiting at the station) because I just walk along the platform with my hands in my pockets, stare at the old monumental structures, listen to fellow passengers call the people who're to come by that train and crib about how the delay is annoying them... I love watching people creating a panic situation out of NOTHING, while I, on the other side am standing with a large exclamatory mark on my head, like "huh, really!!"

Somehow going by air to any place doesn't involve this kind of fun. I only remember being excited for the first two or three times. And then I started reading books. Its all calm, with just the huge traffic jams on the way to the airport and hence the whole idea of leaving a couple of hours earlier to the airport and then wait... those guys do not even make grammatical errors in announcements at airports!! Its boring. The only time your heart may be pounding is when you know its a bad weather out there and you touch down safely. That's it!! :|

P.S. I'll put up something soon, something I've written a night before I was to go to a station to pick someone up. Its not something I wrote on my own, I copied it, but I wrote it on paper.


Nikhilesh Kumar.V. said...

And the blah-ing continues.....

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Nik : Again, po bey!! And hey, get me hot coffee while you come to pick me!! :P

lukkydivz said...

I'll run up to her and throw her the kiss

hahaha ab kya number 1 se hero banne ka irada hai pk ;)

ignore ur friends :D they are jealous :D

hc said...

ddlj scene ...u and garry!!! btw both of ur coming back together rite..wad fun!! carry some extra tissues u dont want ur seat to get wet cause she'll be crying all the way back!!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Divz : ab kisi ek ke liye toh Hero ban-na hi padegaa na!! Maybe Hero No.1!! :P

@hc : I'm no SRK (I'm still working on my 6-pack!!), even more, she's no Kajol. And does he throw a kiss in DDLJ?? Or is it just to get her out of the train?? Don't remember. :|

Jeeves said...

Hot coffee..hmmmmm

Richa said...


i havent been on trains too often, not cuz i am an all air person, my family prefers road ways..

but trains are fun.. yeah, i love reading on the trains, i love munchin n fellow passangers are juz amusement, at times fun n at times headache.. :D

waiting, yes i have waited for outside for my dad manyy a times.. :D

n yeah agreed totally, air isnt fun at all..

n in ddlj, kajol runs to catch the train, n srk helps her board ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I like train journeys, rather than railway stations(I despise them! :P, i feel nauseated in the 'action' :( ), not to say I haven't travelled much :>, and a bad memory is definitely aids to that! :P

and of course, mistakes lol: kisi se galti nahi hogi toh discussion kaise hoga? ;)


ABHISHEK SiM said...

"those guys do not even make grammatical errors in announcements at airports!!"


a bit freaky - but good post ;)

deluded said...


Ive been gone for a bit

and SOMEBODY just got a whole lot popular!

Phoenix said...

hai hai... had some crazy train journey after being influenced by the movie jab we met..was a lil scary but fun... i agree flight journey can never match up to train or bus journeys...

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Jeeves : indeed. that's ALL what its about!! :)

@Richa : ahh... now I remember... he helps her get onto the train along with him... yeah yeah... I however meant, she'd be ON the train and I'd blow the kiss... is that inany movie too?? Guess not... I just said it yesterday, it'll sure take some time to reach their ears!! :P

@Ayushi : there was a time when I didn't like the hygiene at the stations, but they're very clean these days. At least in my city. If you're referring to stations like Old Delhi, that's a shit hole over there. Really, I meant 'shit' hole!! Gross, but that's how it IS!! And I'm reading this after I read the other comment (the shorter one!! :P) I didn't know the discussion was ON!! :( Can we start again?? Go go go... Of course, galtiyan insaan se hi hote hai na?? :P

Pranav Kumar V said...

@Abhishek : naah!! they do!! the newer guys making the announcements at their booths outside... they speak crap, they have no idea!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@deluded : ...and now you're back?? :( :P
So, waz up?? I'll just come along in a while... :)

@Phoenix : the drama at the rail stations are like the tracks... they go on and on... they're like butter naan... on the other hand, buses and planes have specific "start" and "end" points, like an aloo paratha, you can have many but, you're still left wanting more!!

P.S. Don't even ask me what I said there!! I'll tell you when I figure out!! :P

Pranav Kumar V said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, yeah we can, because I want to clear something here:

Hmm...I like the rubbish in the dustbin because my mind does not relate any use of them being anywhere else, moreover, they cause health problems being anywhere else(so this is an inbuilt mechanism in the body to dislike it that way). I said I do not like technical problems in my way, thats not any art or method. :P :P see?
I wont like a book falling over me while im studying! lol
I like the blanket all over the bed for anything else except something for which I need a clear bed technically(beauty must not create a technical problem, it is there to give me a good mood to solve my problems; beauty is truth and truth is beauty)
Now if you go that way ,you can say that a bed is best made neat then, since all the work can be done easily on a neat bed, rather than blankets sprawling across it, but sometimes, there is an inspiration quotient in it not being made(thts for the cases when there is no technical fault in it being tht way na)
Interesting discussion about reality, till it remains a discussion, which I'll make sure it does :)
Hence, I will admit to a case here:
Yes, you can trash me for one thing: Generalisations, my view was based upon a generalised concept of railway stations :)

Ok, Old Delhi looks like heaven cuz im in Allahabad :P