Thursday, October 2, 2008

The MAN who sold a NATION

THIS is my tribute to the MAN who sold a NATION and this couldn't have come at a better time!!

As we all know, the Theory of Evolution holds tight till date. Now what has this got to do with the Man who sold a NATION?

Lets look at it this way : If the survival of the fittest is true, then those around us also ought to be fit, which they clearly aren't. And the reason why the theory was dishonored is, the old man couldn't come up with a better solution for the repudiate inhabitants of the nation and so this painful situation. They are sick, very sick. So, in order to maintain the Theory's tautology, the weak/sick CAN be wiped off the slate, the only question that remains is, "Would it be fair?". My answer, like Uma Thurman said in Kill-Bill, YES, that would be even. That would be square.

But the Council of Common Good has a different take on this one. In fact, it has a different opinion about everything, which connotes the fact, it has an opinion about everything. And yes, it is not that easy to get the Council of Common Good off your back. The Council also defines GOOD in different ways for different nations. The BOSS of the Council defines GOOD as 'what's best in their interest and to hell with the rest of the world , with their asses on the line'.

Coming back the Survival of the Fittest. What happens if this theory is dishonored? Its something like this, what happens if you let the domestic Pests breed? In a short time, they'll forget who they are and make themselves at home, and go all over the place more like domestic Pets, completely ruining the back of your refrigerator or maybe your showcases or any not-so-bright corner, whatever. But that's fine. What really pisses you off is, they biting away your favorite T-shirt to pieces!! Now, you are thoroughly shaken and shocked at how and why only YOUR T-shirt? Now it becomes a Personal War against the pests. But the fact is it always was, you just woke up now!! Better late than never. You chase the last ones out of home, leave them dead in a polythene OUTSIDE your house. And you'd live Happily ever after, at least for a few months to come.

Coming back to the man himself, all sources that were very close to him (or so they claim) had all made interesting observations about his experiments with Brahmacharya. Wiki quotes, "As part of these experiments, he initially slept with his women associates in the same room but at a distance. Afterwards he started to lie in the same bed with his women disciples and later took to sleeping naked alongside them." Now c'mon!! I'm sure he at least had the brains to lock the doors before the last observations in his experiment were to be made!! And so the close associates came up with a dumb story that follows, which is also quoted in Wiki. All I remember in my history classes about this guy is about his 'experiments' and his dumb methods of dealing with the people who were shoving long pegs up our arses. And hey, his book is also titled some 'experiments' with 'something'.

GIST : Yes, the graybeard did sell off the nation, at a very low price or actually for free. Now they want more. But, nothing's for free in this free world. Everything has a price. And no matter what, we WILL be paying it for the REST of our lives and the lives yet to come into this world of ours. All thanks to the Old Chap who left this and a lot more for the Nation.

My tribute to The MAN who sold a NATION : ..|.


dolphin said...

if you were referring to manmohan singh and the nuclear deal(rightly so), i think we all should be happy for what he has done for india. it was economic reforms 15 years ago and nuclear deal now! he's a visionary and above all dirty politics!!

Pranav Kumar V said...

@dolphin : seems like you actually didn't get who I was talking about pal!! I was being a little considerate towards the Man who gave BIRTH to a NATION!! Actually, both are the same!! I just showed both sides of the coin...