Friday, October 17, 2008


It had to happen... and it did... The worst part is, it had to be Vishy and even bad, it had to be ME!!!

October 17, Thu, 2008... a day that'll only go down in history as one of the eclipsed days for PK... Sitting right under Vishy's nose and taking the liberty to peek into my own record did prove to be a little heavy. Well heavy enough to get myself out of the lab.

But, it was an experience I had to have, sometime or the other. Glad I'm done with it and glad it had to be Vishy!!! But as I said, the experience is one that'll last a lifetime. Me facing Vishy, 'his' hands trembling(!!), me standing in front of him.

V: "see... let me tell you.. I cannot tolerate this.." (trembling hand rolls over the forehead)
PK: "Ok, what's done is done. I'll do it all over again, on my own..."

... a lot more happens for the next 3.5 mins or so (mostly the emotional demeanor of Vishy)... and concludes something like this...

V: (shivering harder) "Jayendra... you tell him.. this is not tolerable... no"
J: "you leave, I'll take care..." (of what??!!)
PK: "whatever!!!" (and walks out of the lab)

And finally, hope we've learnt a lesson here, the hard way though!!!


Anonymous said...

What does F stand for, FUCKED?

Pranav Kumar V said...

@anonymous : in one word, yes, precisely...

hc said...

Loser!!! U got caught by Vishy..shows how dumb u r !!! Patience is the key to success and sadly u were too impatient..loser!!!Btw our very own jayendra babu might cast his magical spells over vishu and who knows u might stil top the class in the exam :p

Pranav Kumar V said...

@hc : patience... while that IS one thing you'll need, what you don't is want is a strained back, so you don't turn around and check all angles of vision and still carry on with what you were going to do anyway!!

And yes, chances ARE I may TOP!! As for myself, I would consider anything around 40 to be enough to satisfy my current needs!!! :P

dolphin said...

poyi poyi vadiki dorikava :))