Sunday, October 12, 2008

LIFE-DVD-Rip-Xvid-AC3(with subs)

I was watching an old telugu movie with English subs on some channel this week. And I do not have the guts to frame all the feelings that came by in a string of words. Was something like this...

I'm hearing a song of Love...
in your smiles.
Love! Is it your disturbance?
I'm seeing a new dance...
In your anklets.
Love! Is it your sound?

Fingers are cut, mouths are happy
Spoon feeding is lovely
problem leads to kisses
Beautiful is the apathy of dear ones
Lovely to scold a victorious wife

And after seeing this, I asked myself ONE question, 'YOUR MOTHER!!! WHAT IS ALL THIS RE??!!', in Telugu of course!!! No points for interpreting it right!!!

But, an interesting thought crossed my mind...

How would it be to have subs in daily life? In a different language, no matter what language you speak, subs in a different language. Hmmm, sounds VERY interesting...

This is how it could be :

English : "I am on cloud 9!!!"
Subs (Tel) : "nenu tommidoo nemberu mabbu meeda unnanu (cha?? inka!!)"

English : "I am having cold feet"
Subs (Tel) : "naaku challa kaalu unnaayi (naaku aithe rendu unnayi!!!)"

And vice-versa...

Telugu :
"Naa burra edaite undo, adi tinakayaa Crane vakka palukulu tina-vayaa..."
Subs (Eng) : "my brain which is there nooo??... don't chew that up dude!! chew Crane Betel nuts dude!!!(emaina comparision aa??)"

It gets even better...

Hindi : "Kutte!! Main tera khoon pee jaoonga..."
Subs (Eng) : "Dawg!!! I will drink up your blood...(wonder what that's rich in??!!)"

Hindi : "Main ek ek ko chun chun ke maarongaa..."
Subs (Eng) : "I will one-one ko pick-pick ke thrash em' up...(like they were golf balls lying all-over the golf course!!)"

And, if any of you has the energy to take this one, go ahead... its a bird... its a plane... no, its Superman... no no no. its NTR!!!