Friday, October 24, 2008


SENSEX - down 1070 points, closes at 8701, lowest since November, 2005.

All this, despite the Finance Minister reassuring the investors of the nation. So I guess its time for Chidambaram to make calls to some recording studios. After all, his speeches don't seem to be making any impact any time, so he might as well just play the tape every time the markets go down!!!
(Chopra predicted it would go below 10K - 8K some five months back, well now I agree dude!!!)

OIL - down to less than $64 a barrel

Rupee vs. Dollar - Rupee, down to 50 against $ (I mean weaker)

and lastly,

PK - down with Acute viral nasopharyngitis :P


dolphin said...

well, this was to happen some time now... sooner than latter... at least govt. would now take appropriate steps, however markets are driven by sentiment!

hc said...

wil i be the next warren buffet?? lol and i love using LOL LOL LOL