Friday, August 8, 2008


Nations are many, religions even more. Castes, colors and a lot more. But all come together, against each other, for one event, with an undying and ever growing spirit to conquer the rest of the world. Our very rich and most ancient culture of the Olympic Games.

Years of strict training, 365 days of continuous improvements, umpteen number of attempts to be better then the best, and to be ahead of the rest... All comes down to this one platform, laurels to the player, pride of their nations. The feeling is just Euphoric!!!

Here's one more event, the Beijing 2008 Olympics, truly one of the largest events ever seen in the history of The Olympics. And all we can hope for is, "May the best man/woman win." No matter the country, state, age... The result is going to be fair. And in this fair race, all I am hoping for is for our Indian Contingent to give their fair best performances. And the rest will be unveiled in the time to come.

And on a more personal note, I'm looking forward to Michael Phelps getting his seven Golden eggs and a lot more!!! After all, not all men are as dominant as he is when it comes to Aquatics at least.