Sunday, August 10, 2008


This is the story about two great friends. The first was HAPPY, the other was LUCKY. Both of them were lived on the same block. One day, LUCKY bumped into HAPPY round the corner of their street. LUCKY said, "Hi!! I'm LUCKY!!", HAPPY said, "Sure, you are!!".

LUCKY : You must be HAPPY??
HAPPY : You bet, I am!!!
LUCKY : I'm happy to meet you!!!
HAPPY : Hey, I'm lucky too!!!

And this is how they started out as friends. Both of them went to the same school, and went on to go to the same college. Both of them graduated out of college. LUCKY was always happy because he was lucky. HAPPY was occasionally lucky, but always happy. One day, both of them bumped into a new guy on their block.

LUCKY said : Hi!! I'm LUCKY!! We live on the same block. Welcome aboard!! What's your name btw??
He replied : Huh!! Hmm.. Yeah.. My name is SAD.
HAPPY said : Hi!! I'm LUCKY's friend HAPPY!!
SAD said : But I'm still SAD!!!

And so, they were three friends now. HAPPY, LUCKY and SAD. A weird coincidence, but, all the three got into the same company and all three had similar jobs. They started out fine. HAPPY and LUCKY felt happy and lucky to have that job and worked hard. But SAD thought he deserved better than that and was unhappy and felt unlucky.

An year passed by. LUCKY got four promotions for his work and was happy. HAPPY got three and felt lucky. But SAD remained without any promotions. This made him sadder. The sadness only went on to get him to lose even the job he thought he was too good for. He broke up with HAPPY and LUCKY. He went places, only to be saddened further to know that there weren't any jobs for him. He got into a depression and one day, slit his throat. That's not the end!!! He was sad he did that, and tried to stitch it back together and died a sad death while doing so.

On the other hand, HAPPY and LUCKY, kept getting happier and luckier. Got married, had children and lived happily ever after. And that's the story about the two friends, HAPPY and LUCKY. Lucky them!!!

So, who's your HAPPY / LUCKY?? Is your SAD dead yet?? I wish you all a happy journey during your ride through my questions and life that'll follow. And may your luck come along...

P.S. I'm sure 2 out of three would say, "PK is HAPPY (HAPPY aipoyaadu!!!)" after reading this. And yes, I am!!! I'm a happy man who's just getting luckier by the day!!!


Pranav Kumar V said...

Whoa!!!(moving 2 feet away from the monitor!!!) what have I done?? Just saw my post!! Can this be called "psychedelic"??!! But hell, its a good story!!!

hasan said...

it boggles my mind..but good one

Anonymous said...

its a gud one pranav,keep goin. . . .