Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot Chocolate v1.1

Vegetarian Sandwiches

NO, if you think you already know how to make good ones, read on...

Toasting the bread...

This is by-far, the most important part of making the sandwitches. Most actually end up frying the bread and still stick to the term "toast" after it!!! I was one among such people too!!! Until my good old cousin, Harry taught me how to actually "toast" a bread and retain the true meaning of the word.

1. Heat your pan on a medium flame for a little less than 5 minutes.
2. Take the raw bread slices and place them on the pan.
3. Keep rotating the bread, so it doesn't stick and apply pressure gently along the edges.
4. Turn the side once its golden brown and repeat the same.

Note: Do not stack the bread one on the other, causes them to become soggy.

Greasing the bread...

Now, comes the tricky part. This part can have many alterations to it but, the classifications are only two: FAT-RICH and NUTRIENT/PROTEIN RICH

Lets start with the more popular version - The FAT RICH

1. Take a cube of butter with a knife and spread it lightly over the warm toasts that you've just taken off the pan.
2. Do not press hard while applying the butter and start with the edges (untouched edges without the ingredients do not make good sandwiches!!!)
3. Take another toast and apply mayonnaise (there are both with and without egg, so pick carefully) OR even better, a salad dressing (I would suggest Thousand Island).
4. Add a few raw, thin onion slices.

and if you're the slimmer version your species, go on with 5 & 6,

5. Throw in a slice of cheese or some grated cheese.
6. Find yourself a good silent corner and savor the sandwiches of your hard-work!!!

For the NUTRIENT / PROTEIN RICH version:

1. Take some mayonnaise in a bowl and add some grated cabbage with a little vinegar to it (this is popularly known as the Coleslaw sandwich, Kohl being cabbage in German, though pronounced as Cole. Thanks to Harry again for the info!!!).
2. Add a little pepper, salt and a few drops of Tabasco sauce.
3. If you're a sweet guy like I am, add a very little sugar to it.
4. Mix well and apply a good thick layer on the toast.
5. Place a few thin slices of tomato , cucumber or any other vegetable of your choice.
6. Same as above!!!

Oh my goddess, I've just finished writing the most elaborate description of making a SANDWICH!!! But honestly, the whole thing shouldn't take longer than 20 mins, max.

P.S.: And while doing all this, make sure you don't keep the toasts waiting for too long to get cozy with the dressing, they rot when they wait, just like anyone else!!! And if you're a guy who meets me regularly, forget not to make one for me!!!