Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First visit home - The Heritage tree - Life, THE Race!!, etc...

I'm back. I'm back to the place I live. I'm back to the place I chose to live. I was home, home is where I belong. And I felt that I belonged there as long as I was there.

Mom made 'pulihora' and 'payasam' for me :) I had a mug full of Bournvita every morning and evening I was there. I ate 'pappu-annam'. It was heavy, but I liked it. I bought my lovely-dovely sister a Cadbury's Silk. And the fact that she's sweet, she gave me my share. Two-thirds :D plus a large Dairy Milk :D :D My family Doc gave me a choco-lava :) My other sister, promised me a hat :) Dad bought me my tea-kettle :) I met my kid-cousins. I dined with my good-old friends. We spoke of those who were there and about those who weren't. I drove around my city. I slept on my bed. I touched my PC. Everything was the same. Or was it?

I was visiting all my folks back home and when I visited my Grand folks, my Granny  was telling me how the 'chikoo' tree (Sapodilla) in their backyard was planted when her kids were young and how they used to play around it, eat its sweet fruits... Then it was our generation... We all began  playing around it... Swings hanging from its branches, the way I hid on the tree-top while playing hide and seek, how I was
and still AM fond of its fruits every summer... And now, no one's left in that house but my grand folks with memories, probably fading, of all the three generations that were there. Just the 92-year-old man, as strong and active as ever. And his 80 something-year better half. So... I climbed that tree once again as there was no one else to do it. I plucked its fruits. As big as ever :) (I couldn't stay long enough to eat one though! :() everytime I thought it was the last fruit I'm going to pluck, I found another large one and I found myself reaching for it! I went on for a while and then, I stopped. I could still go on. But I didn't.

And then, as I looked down from above, I began to wonder, how life goes on... How we all grow as kids, how we learn from the little things in life as kids, how we create a mould for everything that we perceive, and then when you're out there... Making your living, how you wish your life could still be 'song-and-play' around that old tree, how you would love to play all day, get tired by night, and sleep sound without a thought for the rest of the world. We all slept as babies. Like babies. Then something came over us. We began worrying. We began having sleepless nights. We lost the baby in us to the world around us.

We're all running the race. What race? Who started the race? Is there an end to this race, like all others? When we realize all this, we're already running. I like to run. Run along. Not run away. I'll run. But I know, one day I'll have to stop. What then? Will I be able to sleep like a baby then?

I dunno. I know I have to hit the floor tomorrow morning. And that I have to sleep now. I'll sleep. I'll just sleep so I can wake up to the sunshine and run once again. Run Joe run... For you've got to win your bun! :P Run... :) FTW!!
See you when I see you folks... :D
P.S. Thanks Supertramp, for saving my blog!! :D


Kalyan Ram Vempati said...

bah! Anything for a chap from Zorks or Blandings Castle!

Anyway... change the bloody theme, will you? My eyes literally are using all the extensive vocabulary I have amassed in BE, also including the ones Sam has passed on to us like ****************** and ************** and so on

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busy boy!

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