Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lal Salaam Lal Salaam...

The Marxist leader, and if I may say so, The Godfather of Bengal, one with a lighter side to him and a man of great wisdom, Comrade Jyoti Basu died this morning.

Let me be honest here, I know not much of the man himself, other than the fact that he ruled Bengal for 23 years straight, which in itself speaks a lot about him and also that he was a very strong-old-man.

But I felt it was needed to leave a tribute to him in my small way... I have a great respect for people like him who even make it to live so long as they have... 95 years!! Whoa!! In this age when we guys think of retirement plans, boredom in 40s, 50s... lack of energy to take the staircase to reach the top floors, etc... these people life for so long, live healthy, live with a definite aim, live by something they've chosen for life. The amount of WISDOM these people possess is just amazing!! And to top it all, I just learnt that he read PG Wodehouse to chill off all the time!! :D Now, that's really some humor for a man of his age!! Not that age has anything to do with it, but just amazes me for that very reason. He studied law in UK in the 1930s... guess that's the Wodehouse link that changed his life forever after!!

Whatever, I'm sure the man has a lots of credits to his name and most worthy. I'm just not the one to be enlightening others about him... RIP Comrade Jyotibabu

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why should girls have all the fun??!!

Its one thing many men have done and definitely something many more would want to do!! Yeah, I'm talking about the Scooty Pep :)

Its a tested and proven fact that Scootys (in general the class of gearless, brake-accelerate vehicles) are easier to drive when it comes to shopping for groceries, carrying some extra luggage back home and a lot more!! At least for a guy like me, who just loves to fall asleep while on two wheels, these vehicles are more safer and make it less tiring without all that gears and clutches!! And must say, the way you can squeeze these vehicles out of traffic... just terrific!! I can actually life one of these and put them on the less crowded lanes if needed... oh yeah!! And the storage space adds more ease to throw in random stuff you pick. Talking of colors, I'm only talking of Black or maybe silver here, its a little too much to ask for to have fun on a PINK scooty!! :P

For me, I feel like I'm cruising through when I place my feet straight on the little slant platforms on either sides, push myself to the back of the seat, throw my head back and zoooooommmmm.... :D

Yeah, its a whole different thing with bikes, all that power, the killer-looks, the rattle that annoys your next door neighbors when you come back late, the harle-harle-harle beats... all of it... its all the DUDE stuff. But tell me, how'd it be to carry a bag of tomatoes or a tray of eggs hanging from the handle of your bikes from the mart down the road?? Totally out of place... it'll be like playing a record slipping tracks. And I have had my share of crashes this way.

Lastly, talking of a greener place, lesser pollution... smaller the vehicle... lesser of all of it :)

Go ahead guys, you can have your share of the girls fun too!! ;)

See you when I see you folks... :D

P.S. What a post to begin I say!! :P And yeah, for those waiting to be blessed by me for the new year... SHINE O Dear Crazy Diamonds... :D