Monday, December 14, 2009

To imagine a heaven and then not to dream of it, but to demand it.

"...Its a rare gift, you know, to feel reverence for your own life and to want the best, the greatest, the highest possible, here, now. To imagine a heaven and then not to dream of it, but to demand it."

Hmmm... I was asking myself... is it a dream job you want or a dream company?? And of course its a dream job, a job where you do as your mind pleases, a job where you can THINK about how to get that old rusted motor running, on your own, a job where you can get in and show your team, THIS is how you nail it in the head!! A job where I can drive back home feeling taller and stronger!! :) I feel this only when I swim or when I soil my clothes in the garden, or when I read Rand. At least for now.

What's a dream company anyway?? Unless you have one of your own!! Only then is it YOUR dream, only yours and no one else's to share. And talking of a job, yes, it could get the best of you for a while, but if you're really looking for more answers, they're all around you. Just a matter of time we begin to see that bright spot down the hallway... the door which leads to LIGHT... where you're standing tall, dark against the light with your arms up, head thrown back, feet apart and when the light hits your face, you look better than ever... you smile. A silent yet fulfilling smile, something that would say more than a thousand words or a beautiful poem... And one day, someday, I WILL come home to that smile... :)

See you when I see you... :D

P.S.I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey at the end of which he knows not WHERE he would be but only know WHAT he would be. I hope I can swim across to the other end. I hope to see the land of my dreams, and sit along its shores. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope. Inspired from The Shawshank Redemption :)