Friday, January 9, 2009


Another tag from The PINK ORCHID... here I go... But before that, I pledged my support to a good cause, here I go with that first...

"When You Pray, Move Your Feet"

Now that's what is called, 'COMMITMENT TO A CAUSE'... I am part of it... are you??

1) Who are you?
A) I am exactly the same guy I look in the mirror each day, and am a product of a series of chemical reactions happening in that twisted place in my upstairs!! I am COMPLETELY all what I am.

2) What have you achieved in your life till now?
A) Such is the nature of the question... I have achieved a lot!! A lots of knowledge, not to be confused with the wisdom I gained, lots of medals in swimming, lots of mischief in life, almost a Degree, most of all, an experience that's worth a LIFETIME of mine and completely worth each day I lived!!

3) Do you respect your parents and obey them, even if they don't share your viewpoint?
A) I respect all Human Beings living on this earth!! I mean it!! And I definitely don't agree with majority of the population, respect for them has nothing to do with my differences.

4) Do you believe in god?
A) NO. I would take the liberty to say more here... a little confusing for those who can't get it but for others, I believe in all RELIGIONS!! YES. The way I see things, all RELIGIONS are based on facts that have been put together for centuries. No religious man can EVER be a danger to the world we live in. But clearly, what we see today, is not even the remotest definition of ANY religion. And do subtract all SUPERSTITION from all religions!! And somehow, I prefer to stay a non-religious man, despite what I've said.

5) What are the things that you associate with god?
A) If anything, its THE LIGHT - THE SUN. And talking of GODLY figures, EACH MAN IS HIS OWN GOD. Period. I love WATER and AIR too...

6)Is it really not necessary to stand out for whats right and not complaint for whats wrong?
A) ALWAYS. But we need to do it in a smart way. What's good is a cause that you'd die fighting for, even before you've done something about it?? And anyway, there's no COMMON RIGHT / WRONG in this entire universe. Just the window of perception we choose.

Phew!! That was some serious tag!!

I'd just hook Dolphin with this tag... love to hear from you on these Qs!!

See you when I see you... :)

P.S. Feel completely free to tag yourself or even keep yourself away from it. Whatever you choose!!


Anonymous said...

you did pretty well PK..
p.s. now a serious techie question.
how did you do that link "the pink orchid" in the beginning of this post? as in what do you type while composing the post that link comes when the post is published?
...pls forgive my ignorance but i m really curious to know.. :(

RiverSoul said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

hey pk... nice one... will take it up sooon...

Phoenix said...

:P :D


btw mister you havent picked up the awards i made especially for you.. :)

dolphin said...

well, this looks different, i'd take this up definitely!

Femin Susan said...

very significant to the reality and true too.i liked the way you express your thought.i would try to keep all of them :)

deluded said...



Anonymous said...

nice answers to all of the questions!

welcome back to blogging!

Rahul Viswanath said...

Good to see a post after a while .... Also nice to see you answered for the Q u had .......

Anonymous said...

@Pk: pls send me your id PK,at i have an award for you which i'd like you to put up on your blog.

crasiezt said...

Good good good! And mercifully it wasn't one of those long unpleasant tags that seem to be never-ending!

iforgotthat said...

hmm.. i totally agree with u ... why waste 2day worrying bout 2morrow? bdw are u a ayn rand fan? i adore her work.

joiedevivre said...

u kno i hav loads to tags pendin...ab toh yaad bhi nai hai kiska kaun sa tag tha..
i feel soo lasy when it coms to write a tag

u did it nicly, decent ans

*CяystaL said...

Hahahaha..nice one!..
Love the first answer :P..

You're doubt! :D

Pranav Kumar V said...

@EVERYONE : No apologies for the delayed replies but, just hated replying with a patchy connection!! But I'm back now and so is my connection... so, like someone says, let the games begin... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey PK...change your links settings so as to open in another tab/window. Wud make things simpler for lazy ppl like me :D

Anonymous said...

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