Monday, July 7, 2008


Hello all!! This is what I said would be a prominent and a very serious part of my blog. Its called BRAIN BALL. If you can guess by the name, its to do with your sole weapon, and the way you let it roll into unexplored territories, your mind. New thoughts, new ideas, great theories, all building up into a WAY OF LIFE... It'll all be unleashed here... one after the other, and I'm sure you'll be left craving for more (I can't assure you exactly why though, i.e. to contradict or to ponder and ask yourself for more answers to the questions that would arise. Also, let me assure you, that the contradictions wouldn't find a significant part of me bothering about them!!!).

What I can assure you, is the lack of insubstantial theories under the label BRAIN BALL, not now, not ever. Also, I'd appreciate if you guys can come up with areas on which we need to reach beyond the horizon and achieve clarity, primarily for ourselves and maybe anyone else who has second thoughts about these ideas.

To say, one thing that I've really had on my mind for long is the way we've managed to classify ourselves into two broad categories, MALE AND FEMALE, not just to stand out as two different sexes but, as two different species. Which is actually fine if not for the inferiority that is accredited to one of the two sexes. Which one?? all of us know!! I'll be coming up with something concrete in a few days on the same thought and my observations about the same issue. Until then, keep looking into your sulci and gyri for the long lost lush green pastures... I'll be waiting to receive your thoughts. Until then,