Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 13 : A CLASSIC - CLASSICAL NIGHT... Live in concert - Jethro Tull & Anoushka Shankar

Bangalore : I could hear the faint sounds of the sitar as I was walking into the Palace Grounds for the concert by Jethro Tull and Anoushka Shankar. I thought it was just a record of hers being played (from a record!!)... but I was a little shocked to realize it was actually she, who had already started performing!! Here, I say a 'little shocked' because that shock was overcome by a bigger one... the was she tampered her sitar, if I may call it so... WOW!! She played it faster than flapping wings of the slowest Humming Bird!! And the best part is it was all pure music to the ears. She gave her music a perfect closing note. Breath-taking is how I refer to it.

And now, the members of Jethro Tull started playing in the dark and slowly came to light, led by Ian Anderson. I need to make something clear here. I never even heard of this band until two days before the concert. So, obviously I'm not familiar with their music. However, I just heard a few of their bests in the morning. Decent. Despite the fact that I knew not much of the band, there were parts of the show which were completely amazing!! The way Ian handled the lead vocals, the acoustic guitar and the best part, his flute. He was just a cuckoo at work with his flute. Amazing!! They played all of their bests starting way back from the 60's. They did ROCK. And remember, he's 61 years old. The guy was the most active guy on stage. The way he grooved to his music... Rock Style.

So, after Jethro Tull's classic rock and little bit of jazz, the best part of the show. Jethro Tull and Anoushka Shankar. Now this was really amazing!! The fusion was just perfect. The way Ian and Anoushka performed the same music (Aqualung - listen to know!!)on the flute and the sitar, together... divine. It was at time that I saw Anoushka really slither her fingers across the strings of the sitar... I felt like I'll go hug her once before I leave or atleast hold her fingers tight!! :P Only to express my appreciation (which wouldn't really matter to her) or to get a feel of the fingers that created enormous waves of joy within me (this I knew, would not happen)!! :(

Finally , they announced they would take off, we were walking back and my cuz (Harry, the one who bought me my ticket!! :) ) said "See they're going to come back and give one last piece...all bands do that!!" and *string* I hear the sitar. Anoushka jumped into her place and started the best performance of the night!! She was like a Goddess for a few minutes!! In all, it was a great classical experience for me. One of my best. Try listening to this one... amazing!!

P.S. Thanks for the ticket Harry!! :)

And IE sucks to the core!! Why am I even using it!! Anyways, see you when I see you... :)


  1. lucky people enjoying concerts when country is at stake! ;)

    and about your comment on hc's politician poem..
    why are you people going gaga over bashing politicians, they're humans and have mistakes. manmohan said it was intelligence failure, home minister at center and state resigned. they've accepted moral responsibility for the attacks. even navy chief admitted an intelligence collapse. we should stand by the decisions taken by politicians in these hard times. please do not press the panic button.

  2. had a similar concert in kolkata... but kinda missed it.. for one, i didn't have a friend like yours to sponsor me my ticket!! heard it was really great! :)

  3. even i havent heard of this band until i came here :P

    needless to say, i totally loved the way you described the concert :)

    i'm one of pk's many fans :P

  4. @dolphin : Remember, always, "And yet... somehow... life goes on..." :)

    @Phoenix : It was my cuz who sponsored me. And it was beyond description in words!! Its the magic of the Sitar!! God Bless the guy who made it!!

    @Divz : NO NO NO!! Anoushka's fans!!!
    PK is one of many Anoushka's fans => so are you!! :) Do me a favor and listen to that one piece I put up... You'll know what I'm talking about...

    See you when I see you, folks!! :)

  5. Damn!! Jethro Tull played in Bangalore and I missed it!! Damn!

  6. loser!!! when do u come online..sunithas back !!!gr8 news i think ...hopefully we'll have csfest next sem and then comes the free attendance with suniha..y is sateesh oops srikar there..the other sateesh aka aditya had gone to college today he saw the teddy bear sateesh with sunitha at the canteen as usual which rumour do u wanna broadcast huh!!!

  7. now this tells me u got gr8 taste in music..

    well we have connections with music in common...

    i m soon uploadin the video of the jazz eve i went to since my lappy is back *blushing* :D

  8. @Free-Fallin' : I hence conclude you stay in B'lore.

    @hc : great news pal!! just busy till tomorrow night... planning a series of events for my cuz's birthday... I'll be right back from Sat...

    @Richa : oh!! your baby's back!! my regards... :P

  9. i've done the favor but i guess its my turn to thank u :)

  10. sitar indeed has some magic within !!

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